Review: this new SG skincare range made my skin look so healthy, glowing and youthful

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When you see a skincare line with the name “Ageless” in it, you really do wonder what the “real” results on your skin would be like – that was what went through my mind when I received my set of Heure Ageless skincare products. 

A little backstory: Heure (pronounced ‘her’) is a Singapore-proud beauty brand that took 10 years to develop. Everything, from its R&D, commercial and creative development, was done in Singapore. The word Heure is derived from the French word for “hour” or “time”, and while the range might be titled Ageless, Heure’s director, Lim Ker Han, says the brand does not want to stop or reverse time but want to helps you flourish in it. 

What really caught my attention was the results of a blind study on 39 Asian women – a whopping increase of 680 per cent in skin’s hydration levels, 320 per cent reduction of wrinkles on the skin’s surface, and 160 per cent improvement in skin elasticity.

With such results, how could I not put Heure to the test? After all, I have ageing concerns like lines and loss of radiance. And my once youthfully-bouncy complexion is, sadly, looking a little less bouncy. I’ve even detected a jowl situation happening. And if I could look ageless – that is, anything but my real age – I’ll take it.

I decided to dive right in. And this is how my Heure journey went.


What Is It 

Heure Ageless is an anti-ageing range of six products – Skin Booster, Serum, Eye Serum, Day Treatment with SPF35, Night Treatment and Facial Treatment Mask – that uses a proprietary advanced encapsulation and enhanced transdermal delivery system, to deliver active ingredients through the skin’s epidermis to where it’s needed. 


How the tech works: encapsulation helps protect the active ingredients and allows them to penetrate homogeneously. And with its smart time-release formula, the actives are released at a constant rate, ensuring maximum results. 

Key Ingredients

A blend of three peptides – acetyl hexapeptide, pentapeptide and palmitoyl tripeptide – and a vitamin C and E complex. Together, these encourage collagen and elastin production while protecting against free radical damage to keep skin looking youthful.  

The Texture 

Every single Heure Ageless product I tried was oh-so-comfortable on the skin. Yet, it was not so lightweight that it left my skin craving more hydration or nourishment. 

Case in point, the Eye Serum, was good enough to be used on its own. There was no need to top it with an eye cream.  


And while the texture of the Serum was slightly viscous (it reminded me of hyaluronic acid serums I’ve tried), it still applied smoothly and didn’t leave a tacky finish behind. I did have to massage the product in a little, but once it was absorbed, my skin felt so soft. 

The Results 

I started on my Heure skincare routine at night, and while I have heard glowing reviews from the PR person who swears by the Serum alone, I wasn’t expecting much, especially since it was only the first use. 

Little did I know how much of a surprise I would get when I looked at my face in the morning. My complexion was so soft and radiant, like I had slept for eight hours when in reality, I only clocked in five. I was so amazed. 

That made me even more determined to continue using the products in my morning routine. And the glow remained throughout the day. In fact, every time I passed by a mirror at home, I would stop and look at my face, just to be sure. And it blew me away each time. 

As a mid-week treat, I decided to try the Facial Treatment Mask. The bio-cellulose mask reminds me a lot of the Est.Lab Vitalift A+ Brillage Face Mask, which belongs to Heure’s sister brand under the same parent company. Each Heure Facial Treatment Mask contains 25ml of the Serum but even so, the mask wasn’t drippy. I’m not a fan of overly wet sheet masks that drip all over my neck and down my hands. 


The Facial Treatment Mask sat well on my face, and most importantly, didn’t slide around, because no one wants to deal with a too-wet, too-slippery sheet mask that keeps migrating downwards. In fact, I could sit comfortably upright in bed, with it staying firmly in place, as I caught up with an episode of Mr Queen on Viu. 

After 20 minutes, I removed the mask and my face felt soft, supple and nourished, like it had spent the entire time just soaking up all of the formula’s goodness. My complexion also looked brighter, which made me think that the mask would do well as a pre-party treat, helping your makeup go on smoothly and stay flawless. 

The Verdict 

After using Heure Ageless for a week, my complexion is looking fresher and more even, and my skin is softer and smoother. Even some of my old blemish marks look less obvious. All good things in my book. 

But while everything is all good with the Heure range, I have to admit that with my slightly oily and acne-prone skin, there apparently can be too much of a good thing. When I use the entire range – Skin Booster, Eye Serum, Serum, Day or Night Treatment – over a few consecutive days and nights, my skin seems to break out a little. But it’s not to the extent where I need to stop using the range completely. 

Instead, I use what is important for my skin’s needs, incorporating the Eye Serum and Serum in my daily routine, and swopping to a gentler lotion that is more suitable for my acne-prone and sensitive skin. 

The Serum is, hands down, my favourite Heure Ageless product, as it helps combat wrinkle formation and skin roughness while boosting moisture levels in just seven days. It’s made such a difference to my skin – I now understand why the PR person was raving about it. 

It’s been almost a month since I started on my Heure routine, and the results are really what has kept me using it. My skin feels more hydrated and plump. Overall, it is also looking healthier and I’ve got a glow that makes me feel really happy each time I see my bare skin in the mirror – not going to lie. 

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