Here’s the thing. Setting aside the genetically blessed, skin issues like dark spots, dullness and rough texture might seem almost inevitable, considering the harsh climate we live in. The constant exposure to sun damage and other environmental aggressors (hello, haze) can take a toll on our skin and accelerate the ageing process. Add to that the stress of urban living (reading this while OT-ing in the office, anyone?) and it’s no wonder most of us end up struggling with pigmentation as well as more vulnerable and dull skin. Cue collective sigh.

To counteract these issues, effective yet gentle skincare is truly of the essence. We want something that’s targeted, well-researched and backed by professionals. Enter Kiehl’s leading Dermatologist Solutions range. The brand has worked on this range for a good nine years now, collaborating with top dermatologists and scientists to produce skincare that promises to be both safe and highly effective. One of the key products in this range is Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, which owns the bragging rights of currently being one of the top-selling brightening serums in Singapore, according to a 2016 study.

There are precious few ingredients that work well to brighten the complexion, with the most popular one being good ol’ vitamin C. Kiehl’s Dark Spot Solution in particular utilises a special derivative of vitamin C known as Activated C.

What is it? Well, Activated C is said to be a much more stable derivative that also has a small molecular size so you see a visible change in your skin in a shorter amount of time.

“It is 100 percent active on the skin immediately, allowing for faster penetration, working rapidly to inhibit and destroy melanin clusters,” says hyperpigmentation expert and a Kiehl’s consulting dermatologist Dr. Sherry Hsiung. Activated C is also meant to actively prevent dark spots from forming again – a crucial benefit, as the “relapse” of hyperpigmentation is a huge bugbear of most Asian women.

If the ability to brighten isn’t enough for you, the solution also contains a suite of beautifying botanicals – think white birch to restore hydration and nutrients; as well as peony extract to protect the skin against free radical oxidative damage. In true Kiehl’s fashion, it’s the perfect combination of science and nature.

We find this solution works best when applied after toner and before moisturiser. One neat little hack we’ve tried? Adding a couple of drops to your favourite foundation to sheer it out for a more natural finish. You get all the skincare benefits, plus the coverage you need.

One of the biggest reasons our skin looks dull is a result of uneven skin texture that reduces the ability of the surface to reflect light. What makes the texture of our skin so uneven? It boils down to pretty basic factors like ageing and dehydration, both of which have a way of leaving your complexion looking lifeless and parched. So for more radiant skin, we need to tackle both the surface texture and the hydration levels of the skin.

How do we go about achieving this? Kiehl’s has launched a brand new addition to its Clearly Corrective range called the Clearly Corrective Brightening & Smoothing Moisture Treatment. This lightweight gel moisturiser contains the same key ingredients that are in the Dark Spot Solution, with the added boost of a gentle glycolic acid to help with exfoliating or resurfacing the skin. It’s so gentle you probably won’t feel any skin irritation – not even a little tingle.

Not only will you wake up with brighter skin, this moisturiser is also meant to keep your face hydrated for up to 12 hours. The best part: The gel even has a smoothing effect on the skin, which blurs all the imperfections and pores on your skin.

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While the moisturiser is gentle enough to be used twice a day, we love using it twice a week as a mask for a more potent boost of brightening and resurfacing.


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