I can’t get enough of…
“Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils. I have been using them for 27 years, day and night – I switch between the different ones, depending on the season. Removing impurities is the most important step of a skincare routine, and the best part of it is that 10 years later, you will see that your skin does indeed look younger (than that of others of your age).”


How to look more youthful instantly
“You can create a glowing complexion by using black eyeliner to define your eyes, and a bright colour for your lips – red, pink or orange.”

Be brave about trying different looks
“Even if you don’t succeed at creating the look you want at first, keep trying different ones to find what suits you best. If you don’t know which part of your face to highlight, ask a makeup artist to help you out.”

Conceal naturally
“Choose a concealer shade as close as possible to your natural skin colour; using a shade that is lighter can sometimes make your skin look grey.”

To age gracefully… 
“Every day, I exercise for 10 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. I also drink a lot of water. To improve digestion, I eat vegetables first, followed by meat, then carbohydrates.” 

This article was originally published in Simply Her November 2014.