Nikkie De Jager (also known as NikkieTutorials on social media) is probably a face you’ve seen on Instagram and YouTube. With over 12 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, Nikkie has had ongoing success since she first picked up her camera and filmed a green eyeshadow look more than 10 years ago.

But she really gained traction and popularity when she uploaded her now viral YouTube series, “The Power of Makeup”, which gave young girls and fellow beauty lovers the confidence to show their face with and without makeup. Another feather in her cap: NIkkie is the new Global Artistry Advisor of Marc Jacobs Beauty. She was recently in Singapore to promote the launch of Marc Jacobs Beauty’s new Accomplice collection, which includes a concealer and an instant blurring beauty powder. In an interview with Her World, she shares her favourite products from the beauty brand, and her tips to achieve dewy skin.

Of the concealer, she says: “The one makeup rule is that you can never pop a cream product on top of a powder product. But with the Accomplice concealer, you can do just that.” That’s because Accomplice is created with an all-new formula that blends in easily on top of skin and powder. So if you’ve finished a full face of makeup and realise you want a little extra coverage on a stubborn blemish, the Accomplice concealer will seamlessly glide on without caking.


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Nikkie may look perfectly put-together but she’s real too. She candidly admits she has dark circles, and that these bother her. Her fix: conceal them by using two different concealer shades. She suggests using a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone on the dark circles. And for all other blemishes, to use a shade that matches your skin perfectly. This method will give the illusion that your eye area is a lot more well-rested than it actually is. 

When it comes to the challenge in finding the right and perfect concealer shade to suit her skin, Nikkie knows the struggle: “It’s a battle of the undertones,” she says. It’s a frustrating endeavour, especially when there are three types of undertones: neutral, warm and cool. The secret? Look at the veins at your wrist. If your skin has neutral undertones, your veins should look blue-green. Someone with warm undertones would have olive-coloured veins. And for those with cool undertones will have veins that appear purple.  

If Nikkie is known for one thing, it’s the glowy makeup look she sports on Instagram and at events. Her secret to achieving that dewy look? “It’s just lots and lots and lots and lots of highlighter,” she laughs.

Since she’s the beauty expert here, we challenged Nikkie to choose just three makeup products she’d use. And challenge it was. Nikkie eventually narrowed it down to her first product, a primer, specifically the Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer. “It keeps your makeup on for a very long time, even here in Singapore,” she shares. “The new Marc Jacobs Accomplice concealer is also a must and of course the Skindinavia setting spray”.

If you could only use one skincare product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“That would be the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I pop it on my lips and when I have a new tattoo, it goes over top. It’s the best treatment ever. So if you have a scab or a dry patch, you pop it on, you wake up in the morning and it’s gone!”

If you only had one minute in the morning, what is your one beauty must-do before rushing out?

“I’ll curl my lashes. I have super straight lashes that point down and it makes me look tired. So what I like to do is get my lighter and warm up the metal part of my eyelash curler. Then, I let it cool down because you don’t want to burn your eyelids. It’s like an actual curling iron for your lashes. I do that every single day, I just cannot live without it. That takes me about 45 seconds which leaves me 15 seconds to pop my lip gloss on.”

Nikkie recommends the Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lip gloss in Cream & Sugar, “I love a lip gloss that has a light highlight shade because it looks like you have a lot going on, but it’s just a gloss.”

What is your favourite Marc Jacobs product?

“I have too many! I love the Youthquake Skin Moisturiser because it’s the perfect first step, so whatever you do after, it’s all going to work. I love the Accomplice concealer too and of course the highlighters as well because they stay on all-day long. The glosses are phenomenal too. I feel like people know Marc Jacobs for their glosses. But one product? It would have to be the Cream & Sugar gloss. It’s a must-have.”