Our skin changes as we grow older. Most of us start out with a smooth, baby-soft complexion as children, before having to deal with dark spots, loss of elasticity, skin dullness and more as we age. To look our best, we have to adapt our skincare regime to the evolving needs of our complexion.
One way to get your skin in tip-top condition is to try to stay in sync with the natural external and internal rhythms of your life. Keep a healthy routine: wake when the sun rises and sleep when it sets, eat proper meals, and exercise regularly.
Everyday Skincare
There’s a rhythm to beauty too, and your skin’s needs change throughout the day. Japanese brand Kanebo knows this, and it is using this knowledge to help your skin become as beautiful as possible. The brand has developed a new skincare line based on what it calls Chrono Beauty, which focuses on working with biologic rhythms to give your skin optimal care at the optimal time each day. These time-based beauty products tune in to our circadian rhythm (our body clock) for a targeted delivery of moisture and ingredients.
Products in this line include The First Serum, Fresh Day Cream, Night Lipid Wear, and a range of cleansers, emulsions and lotions to keep skin moisturised and looking healthy.
Begin the day on a clean, fresh note with the Refreshing Creamy Wash to remove sebum or dirt that may have built up during the night.
Then smooth on The First Serum, which is formulated with the Hydra Infusion Complex to nourish the skin by providing and retaining moisture. With ingredients such as loquat leaf and watercress extracts, and a smooth, light texture, the serum creates a veil of moisture, imparts radiance and softens skin. It has a pleasing scent and can be used both day and night.

After using the serum in the morning, apply Fresh Day Cream – this has SPF15 to shield you from UV rays, as well as a Morning Botanical Complex to promote blood flow and deliver vitamins for supercharged skin. At night, skin is in a reparative state, so a proper night-time beauty ritual is essential. Night Lipid Wear has a Night Botanical Complex to repair damage from pollutants during the day.
Both the day and night creams contain Baby-soft Oil Formulations that capture moisture and stop it from escaping. They are inspired by vernix, the fatty substance with high water holding capabilities that protects the baby while in the mother’s womb. This results in soft, hydrated and comforted skin all day long.
The creams also contain the brand’s refreshing Teatopia fragrance from Japanese and Chinese tea flowers; the scents are adjusted for each product. Fresh Day Cream has a Morning-Garden scent with top notes such as lemon and eucalyptus to awaken and refresh skin, while Night Lipid Wear has a Night Velvet Bouquet fragrance with soothing top notes of apple and pear to relax the senses.

Remove dirt and impurities with the Refreshing Creamy Wash ($41). Apply gently with your fingertips, lather and rinse off.

Spread one pump of The First Serum ($98) all over the face and massage into your skin. The serum’s Hydra Infusion Complex provides and retains moisture within the skin.

Apply Moisture Flow Lotion or Moisture Flow Rich Lotion ($82 each). These lotions contain Hydra Botanical Complex to impart more hydration.

In the morning, apply Fresh Day Cream ($98) to protect skin from UV rays and keep it smooth and moisturised. At night, apply Night Lipid Wear ($130) to soothe skin and repair damage sustained during the day.

Your body likes predictability, so try to wake up and go to bed at the same time each day, even on weekends.

A 15-minute morning workout can jump-start your metabolism and energise you for the day ahead. Go for a run or just do exercises like jumping jacks and push-ups in your bedroom.

Avoid eating heavy meals close to bedtime – this can cause indigestion and keep you awake.

Don’t take your laptop or smartphone to bed. The bright light from the screen can stop your brain from producing melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep well.

Look healthy and radiant with a skincare routine that not only suits your skin type, but is appropriate for your skin’s needs.

For more information, visit www.kanebo-global.com or the brand’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kanebo.global.sg.