There are some things that naturally spring to mind when talking about Japanese culture. There’s manga, for one, as well as futuristic technology and fine craftsmanship. Then, of course, there is Japan’s lauded beauty output, of which SK-II and its star ingredient PITERA™ surely rank among the most well-known.

Now, through the mediums of manga, mixed reality and music, SK-II has reimagined the heritage story of PITERA™ and presents it anew in the form of its limited edition festive offering – the new Fantasista Utamaro Facial Treatment Essence and its accompanying campaign video that is too cool not to watch .  

The Power of PITERA™ Expressed Through Manga

The Limited Edition Fantasita Utamaro Facial Treatment Essence comes in three manga variations

Drawing on this quintessentially Japanese art form, the brand has come up with three eye-popping manga-inspired bottle designs for the Facial Treatment Essence that pay tribute to its legendary PITERA™ in a fresh, fun and modern way.

Designed by Fantasista Utamaro, a Japanese artist based in New York, the three bottle designs feature his signature style of fusing traditional Japanese patterns with an ultra-pop aesthetic, often in technicolour. The result: manga-like visuals that brim with energy and positivity.

Bringing the story to life with virtual reality and music

To help convey the PITERA™ story in the online realm, SK-II roped in imma, a virtual human who appears uncannily real and has the gorgeous looks of a J-pop star.

Created by Tokyo-based CG company Modeling Cafe, imma – whose name comes from the Japanese word “ima”, which means “now” – made her Internet debut in 2018 and has since become a global hit, commanding an Instagram fan base of 148,000 followers to date. 

To top it all off, John Legend’s love song, “Oh PITERA”, got a new spin with a revamped dance remix, making the retelling of SK-II’s heritage story an unexpected but very interesting mix.

The key to crystal-clear skin

Haruka Ayase is a big fan of SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence

The legend of PITERA™ started in a sake brewery in Japan where a chance observation of an old Toji’s – Japanese sake brewers – miraculously youthful-looking hands with a stark contrast to his wrinkled face unlocked the secret to the power of PITERA™. 

Born in Japan, the makings of PITERA™ has been kept top secret. Essentially unchanged for 39 years, PITERA™ Essence is SK-II’s signature and most awarded bestseller.  Known for its transformative powers, millions of women who used it have experienced crystal-clear skin and swear by it, lovingly calling it their “Miracle Water”.


Rediscover the Power of PITERA™

The latest Limited Edition Fantasita Utamaro Facial Treatment Essence will be available at any SK-II counter near you from November 1st 2019. Make sure you head in quickly before it sells out!