We have no shortage of great products that promise to help us achieve better skin. And while they do a great job of purifying skin and restoring essential nutrients, we thought we’d dig a little deeper. After all, your can never have skin that’s too clear and radiant, right?

So read on for some lifestyle tricks and tips that’ll keep you looking young and radiant!


1. Load up on the Vitamin C

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With so many products out there touting natural ingredients that will nourish and revitalise tired-looking skin, we completely understand if you’ve ever wondered where it all ends. For the minimalists out there, what we’d recommend is looking for products that contain Vitamin C. The benefits here are two-fold.

First of all, the nutrient acts as an antioxidant, helping to combat signs of ageing in your skin, according to our Derm in the house, Dr Teo Wan Lin. And secondly, Vitamin C also boosts collagen formation, according to countless scientific studies on the skincare ingredient. What do those two benefits together mean for you? Younger skin, of course!


2. Wipe it all away

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We all know how important exercising is for our body. (Don’t worry, fellow lazy girls. We’ve got your backs with our alternatives to exercising right here.) But sweating it out can lead to the buildup of bacteria and worse still, using your gym towel to dry it off might mean a transfer of bacteria from your sweaty arms to your face – so not ideal. That doesn’t mean you should stop throwing on the sports bra, though, because there’s a quick fix to this.

Once you’re done working up a sweat in the gym, break out a wipe or two to clean your face, immediately eradicating the possibility of a terrible buildup of bacteria. And better yet, if your skin allows, look for wipes that are medicated with salicylic acid. (We give you the lowdown on this BHA right here.)




3. Sugar no mo’

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Here’s the unfortunate truth: While you may love chocolates and sweet, decadent desserts, it turns out that the relationship is very much unrequited and worse, toxic. For your skin, anyway. The problem with sugar needs to be explained with some secondary school biology, so bear with us.

When your body breaks down this food group into glucose, your insulin levels spike. Or as esteemed dermatologist Dr Nicolas Perricone famously put it, it’s “a burst of inflammation throughout the body”. And this inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin which is a total no-no for fighting signs of ageing.


4. Cold is gold

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To all the fans of hot showers out there, we’re sorry to rain on your warm parade with the cold, hard truth – no pun intended. Even though it might feel divine to stand under that warm stream of water, the heat makes it easier to strip away your skin’s protective oils, leading to drier skin.

Cold showers, on the other hand, help by tightening your pores and cuticles. And don’t worry if you can’t go cold turkey. According to dermatologist Jessica Brant in an interview with Huffington Post, lukewarm water does the job just fine too!




5. It’s all about product placement

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Look, we get it. A nighttime routine is important for our skin but sometimes, we just want to head to bed without caring about the 10-to-14 steps for clearer and more radiant skin. No judgment here: A long day warrants an earlier sleeping time. That being said, we both know the importance of moisturising and toning your face, especially when you’re sleeping in an air-conditioned room.

So here’s our little hack for you: Put those products on your nightstand. That way, once you’re comfortable in your jammies and tucked under your blanket, all you have to do is roll on your side and grab your favourite overnight mask and slather it on!


6. Calm down, girlfriend

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Easier said than done, especially for all you #GirlBosses out there nailing it at work every day, we know. That doesn’t mean that you can’t – or shouldn’t – find time for yourself to enjoy, well, whatever you want to enjoy. Whether it’s carving out time to get away from social media (no #FOMO) or taking your lunch break to get to that hot yoga class you’ve been meaning to attend, you need to find ways to lower your cortisol levels.

The primary stress hormone is, to put it bluntly, a major diva. When introduced into your bloodstream, it can tank your immune system and throw your other hormones off, which might be the reason your eczema has flared up. So start by taking deep breaths and maybe even throwing on an episode or two of your Netflix guilty pleasure. Your skin will thank you.


7. Get upside down

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We’re ending this off with a bit of an odd one, but hey, whatever it takes to get radiant skin, right? And as it turns out, we’re going to have to bend over backwards for this one – literally. Whether you’re pulling out the yoga mat and getting into your Downward Dog position or simply leaning off the edge of your bed, get upside down for a minute or so to improve blood circulation to your face. Why, you ask?

By encouraging blood circulation, it delivers oxygen while also removing waste products from your cells. And what does that mean for you? A lovely, natural glow. Other ways you can increase the blood flow is by giving yourself a gentle massage every night before going to bed – in bed of course!