Naomi Watanabe

Her World features Japanese celebrity and multi-hyphenate Naomi Watanabe as our first-ever cover star this August

In the new PITERA Masterclass series, we get to know more about Naomi Watanabe as she ventures out in search of the origins of the Pitera essence, with The Late Late Show host James Corden as her very animated and equally comical partner in this hunt. This hilarious series is the second installment to SK-II’s wildly popular Bare Skin Chat series, where we get to join Naomi, James, John Legend and Tang Wei in the journey to find out more about the Pitera Essence and its origins.

The 31-year-old comedian is huge in Japan. She’s got 8.9 million followers on Instagram. She’s a plus-size fashion icon with her own fashion line called Punyus. She also started a body positive movement called “pochakawaii”, which means chubby and cute, because she wants all women to embrace their bodies and love who they are. 

Naomi is a great choice for our inaugural digital cover because she stands for all that, and is inspiring and empowering in so many ways. 

At Her World, we always wanted to do a digital cover but it had to be fun and memorable, and Naomi is all about fun.

We picked the brains of Naomi with this quirky Q&A, eager to find out just how much fun Pitera Masterclass was to create, what she thinks about SK-II and how the J-Beauty powerhouse, the Facial Treatment Essence has helped her achieve crystal clear skin and the best complexion of her life.

About the Pitera Masterclass series

1.    Tell us which episode is your favourite so far, and why.

My favourite episode would definitely have to be the one with John Legend and the scene we shot together. On the day of the shoot, when I stepped into the site, the director went “We’re starting!” and all of a sudden, John Legend appears in front of my eyes and begins singing! I was surprised that he began singing about Pitera and it was such a great tune. At that time, James Corden, Tang Wei and I looked at each other to see our reactions and we all looked super relaxed while enjoying the song. It was truly an unforgettable moment for me. 

2.    What do you think of your co-stars in the videos – Tang Wei, James Corden, John Legend? What was it like working with them?

Both James Corden and Tang Wei were really kind to me! Although I only filmed with John Legend for a short while, I could sense his kind nature. Tang Wei talked to me a lot and was very patient with me despite the language barrier, and I’m really thankful for that. For James, because we had spent the entirety of the previous day filming together, we were constantly in fits of laughter. He’s a lot of fun.

3. What was something memorable that happened for you while filming your videos for Pitera Masterclass?

As one of the filming sites was a sake brewery, which was especially hot, it was super tough on the staff who were sweating buckets. Despite the heat, James and I got along well and had a memorable, fun shoot. I’m looking forward to the day I can appear on The Late Late Show with James. 

About Pitera Essence

Naomi Watanabe in SK-II's Pitera Masterclass

1.    What do you really think about the Pitera Essence?

It’s truly a miracle essence. (laughs) It hydrates the skin so much to the point I didn’t realise my skin had the potential to be this good.

2.    What is your relationship with Pitera Essence now? Do you find any difference vs. what you saw before? Any changes before and after?

I used to think that because I was still in my 20s, I did not need to care too much about my skin. Furthermore, I wasn’t particularly aware nor knew exactly what having dry skin meant, and assumed my skin was more oily than dry anyway. With time, my complexion slowly started becoming more dehydrated and because of that, skin issues became increasingly common. After introducing both the Pitera Essence and the Gentle Foaming Cleanser into my routine, it feels like my complexion has become much softer and smoother. My skin used to feel rough due to the lack of hydration, but since I started using the Pitera Essence, my skin feels moisturised and got me thinking “I never knew my skin had the potential to be so clear!” Because I did not use to care so much for my dry skin, I never thought that I’d have such great skin now and I’m so glad.

3.  Can you describe how you use the Pitera Essence?

Like how Kasumi taught me previously, I gently pat the essence into my face. Please don’t slap the essence into your skin like I did (laughs)

Personal Skincare Routine

Naomi Watanabe in SK-II's Pitera Masterclass

1.    What is your everyday skincare routine like? How long do you spend every day? 

I wash my face with the SK-II Gentle Foaming Cleanser, followed by the Pitera Essence. My skincare staples. 

2.  What is your most unusual skincare habit?  What is the craziest thing you have done to your skin or in your beauty routine?

It’s got to be cucumber masks (laughs). When I was in primary school, my aunty in Taiwan used to use cucumber masks all the time and highly recommended it, telling me all about its benefits. I was half convinced and thinking to myself “Really? Does it work?” and ended up trying it for myself. Whenever I see cucumbers now it reminds me of those (cucumber) masks…

3.    How would you describe your skin?  How do you pamper your skin for special occasions?  

I’ve got combination skin, so I feel it’s both dry and oily.

A treat to myself would definitely have to be masks, especially during the (hot) season. My skin is very sensitive to UV rays – the red spots that form on my face eventually become darker and turn into Melasma. For that, on days where I know I’ll be in the sun for a long period, I use the SK-II’s Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask a lot! 

Photos: SK-II