Always start with moisturised lips. Makeup artist Larry Yeo says: “Before you apply any makeup, slick on some lip balm first. After you’ve applied foundation, eye makeup and blusher, press a sheet of tissue paper against your lips to blot off the excess balm, and then begin doing your lips.”

You have…
Full Lips


How To Make Full Lips Look Smaller

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of foundation over your lips and blend. Pick a tone that disappears into your skin.


Step 2: Draw inside the lip outline and fill in half the lip with a lip pencil. Leave a small space – about the thickness of a lip pencil – between the natural lipline and the pencil line.


Step 3: Apply lipstick.

(Photography Winston Chuang Makeup Larry Yeo, using Marc Jacobs Beauty)

This article was adapted from Simply Her February 2016.