Photo: Laneige


Hydration is often referred to as fundamental to smooth and healthy skin. After all, if your skin is adequately moisturised, it feels soft and smooth. Plus, it also means that skin cells function optimally as cellular turnover is normal, ensuring that your skin remains plump and even-toned.

However, maintaining skin hydration is easier said than done. Due to a multitude of reasons, including unbalanced diet, inconsistent skincare habits and even temperature fluctuations, your skin’s moisture level can be affected. As a result, this can lead to a wide range of skin issues like roughness, tightness, dullness and an acceleration in the ageing process.

First developed in 1994, Laneige’s Water Bank range has been providing Asian women with an effective solution for dry skin. Over the years, the Water Bank has become one of the most popular skincare ranges of the K-beauty brand, selling over 10 million units across 31 countries. Moreover, Laneige has been constantly striving to improve the Water Bank range to provide customers with more efficient skincare.


Photo: Laneige


In order to do so, Laneige has been closely studying the physiological changes in women’s skin. According to Laneige researchers, they found that one of the key reasons why young women experience dry skin is because of a weakened skincare barrier. In addition, it is also revealed that women who have a weakened skincare barrier also experience an accelerated rate of skin ageing later on in life.

To effectively address this, Laneige researchers developed two new Water Bank creams which take a three-pronged approach to create moisture, lock in moisture, as well as purify the skin. Moreover, they also found that it is important to target the production and maintenance of skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs).

Based on existing research, they have demonstrated that mineral water is the most effective at stimulating the production of NMFs within skin layers. And after studying hundreds of plants, they also identified six vegetables with the highest mineral content: kale, watercress, beet, sprout, Lima beans and artichoke.

Photo: Laneige


More importantly, Laneige researchers have also devised a unique extraction method called the Ocean Brew Method where all of the abovementioned vegetables are exposed to a low temperature of 15 degrees Celsius for five hours so that all of the goodness are safely and optimally extracted without damaging the integrity of the ingredients.

When absorbed into the skin, this blend of vegetal extracts not only replenishes skin cells with rich minerals to help the skin produce more NMFs, it also improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Over time, the skin is able to stay hydrated longer so it becomes less prone to dryness.

And to go beyond basic moisturisation, the new Water Bank creams are also infused with Garden Cress extract, a powerful antioxidant that was found to be 30 percent more effective in neutralising the damaging effects of free radicals than vitamin C.

Available in two textures, the new Water Bank creams can be used day and/or night and is suitable to meet the demands for all skin types.

For those with combination-oily skin type or those who prefer something light and refreshing, try the Water Bank Hydro Cream EX. It features the Hydro Fresh Matrix, a unique polymer that creates a lightweight moisture veil over the skin surface for long-lasting hydration without any greasy or sticky residue.

On the other hand, if you have dry skin or prefer something richer and creamier, try the Water Bank Moisture Cream EX. Enriched with ingredients that are compatible to the structure of skin lipids, it forms a Moisture Tight Matrix over skin to strengthen the skin barrier and provide deep moisturisation.


The Water Bank Moisture Cream EX and Hydro Cream EX will be officially launched in stores 1st of July 2019. If you can’t wait, check out the Water Bank Avenue pop-event at Plaza Singapura Main Atrium at Level 1 from 24 to 30 June, where you can be one of the first to purchase the two new face creams.