LancÔme’s new Absolue Soft Cream contains a powerhouse of three rose extracts to deliver skin transformation (in as little as three weeks). It’s an all-in-one multi-sensorial moisturising cream for all skin types and for all ages, from millennial to mature.

The newest skin cream from Lancôme – Absolue Soft Cream – is everything you need in a skincare product. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s every reason why it’s all you want: First, it’s infused with extracts from three varieties of roses – the Lancôme rose extract, damask rose essential oil, and centifolia rose concentrate. One thing these three types of roses have in common: They’re harvested only after an incredibly meticulous selection process to get the best ingredients out of them.

The Lancôme rose, for example, is a breed of rose chosen out of 20,000 different breeds for having the highest skin-regeneration power. That means the rose extracts display the ability to heal damaged skin and regenerate skin tissue in lab tests.

As for the damask roses, these are hand-picked only at dawn in the months of May and June, in the south of France. Five hundred rose petals are required to make a single drop of the rose’s essential oil, which has anti-inflammatory and skin-healing properties.

And the centifolia rose, known for its soothing effects on skin, is also harvested by hand only in May. A single drop of this rose’s concentrate requires at least 3kg of its petals.

The extracts from these three rose varieties cover all bases to give you great skin when put together in the Soft Cream. You can trust the 80-year-old beauty brand to know its roses; the flower has always been a key ingredient in many of its skincare products, and is its brand emblem as well.

Here’s what the cream promises: your complexion at its most radiant, firmer and plumper skin, and less-obvious wrinkles and fine lines in three weeks.

These claims are not simply made through rose-tinted glasses – the efficacy of the rose powered all-in-one cream is reportedly scientifically backed and clinically proven. Within just the first day of trials, users reported that their skin was hydrated and soft, with a more
even skin tone. After a week of use, skin appeared well-rested and glowing. With continued use over a month, your skin should look and feel healthier and stronger, with an improved skin barrier as well.

The Soft Cream can be used as both a day and night cream. A thin layer in the morning will help makeup glide on better, and a thicker one at night acts as an intensive skin recharging treatment.

But that’s not all. Lancôme wants users to enjoy the product in the moment too, which is why the Soft Cream has a super-luxurious “TtT” texture – a first for the brand. TtT stands for “thick-thin-thick”, a concept developed and pioneered by Lancôme for a multi-sensorial experience that’ll keep users wanting more of the cream’s texture.

It came about because the brand garnered feedback from customers that users were looking for creams that are luxurious to the touch but don’t feel heavy on the skin. Basically, a cream that feels lush but doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy, and doesn’t evaporate into nothing either.

From the moment you scoop up some of this cream from the jar, you’ll feel that it’s dense and generous, with a fresh and subtle rose scent. Smooth it onto your skin, and the thick texture transforms into one that blends easily over the skin, cocooning your face in a lightweight, comfortable veil. Give it a couple of minutes to be absorbed, and your skin will feel plumped and nourished.

The Absolue Soft Cream Routine

Step 1: Before you start, blend and warm up the cream with your fingertips.

Step 2: Soothe and comfort – apply it on the face with light pressure.

Step 3: Reactivate and illuminate – spread the product across forehead, cheeks and chin in long, gliding strokes. Work outwards from the centre of the face.

Step 4: Revitalise and regenerate – follow your application with stretching movements.

Lancome Absolue Soft Cream

The Lancôme Absolue Soft Cream retails at $450 and is available at Lancôme counters islandwide.

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