When it comes to combatting the sweltering Singapore heat, a quick spritz from a refreshing face mist can instantly lower the temperature of your skin, reduce redness and replenish it with some much-needed moisture.

Uriage’s Thermal Water in particular is said to be the only isotonic hydrating mist on the market. The isotonic water is perfectly in sync with the size and integrity of our skin’s cells, making it just about the only facial mist that doesn’t need to be dabbed off after spraying.

Now imagine that skin-perfecting hydration bottled within an entire range dedicated to providing your skin with the optimum hydration it needs. Not only do you have a mist to keep you refreshed throughout the day, you now have a lightweight water hydrating cream, a serum, and an eye cream.

Each of the products in this range contain a common core of active ingredients; namely an H20 patch, Aquaxyl, and the Uriage Thermal Water that are going to work to hydrate, rebuild your skin’s barrier and amplify the moisturising power of the product.

If you have skin that’s on the oily, combination or even normal part of the spectrum, you’ll love the Light Water Cream. It contains squalene, which is one of our favourite hydrating ingredients because it occurs naturally in our skin and is therefore less likely to cause any adverse effects. It’s non-greasy, absorbs instantly, and promises to leave you with soft and hydrated skin all day long.

Our eyes are an oft-neglected area of the face, which is a shame seeing as the skin around your eyes is more fragile and in need of greater care. When the skin around our eyes is dehydrated, not only do we get fine lines and wrinkles, but our foundation or concealer never looks as good when we apply it. The Water Eye Contour Cream can be used morning or night under your makeup to hydrate and plump up the skin around your eyes. We highly recommend keeping this one in the refrigerator for some quick de-puffing action in the mornings.

Sneak yourself a sample

Intrigued by this water-based, non-greasy and effortlessly hydrating range? Get your hands on a free sample of the Light Water Cream by visiting this link.

The Light Water Cream, $34.90 for 40ml, Water Serum, $51.90 for 30ml and Water Eye Contour Cream, $35.90 for 15ml from The Uriage Eau Thermale Range are available at Guardian, Watsons, BHG, Robinsons, Metro, OG, www.betime.com.sg and more.