If your eyes have to say everything now that you’re wearing a mask, then they need a bit more TLC.

Estee Lauder’s latest, from its top-of-the-line Re-Nutriv range, is the Ultimate Diamond Transformative Eye Serum ($290). It’s an ultra-lightweight, high-tech serum that targets skin challenges around the eyes with its specially extracted black diamond truffle (over 10,000 hours were spent on its R&D).

Your eyes get a touch of shimmer and shine with luxe ingredients of refined 24K gold particles and South Sea pearls to illuminate the eye area. If it sounds too OTT for sensitive skin, don’t worry – there’s lady’s thistle extract and marine algae to soothe and calm.

The scientifically advanced formula helps improve cell regeneration to slow down skin ageing and regulate oxidative stress.

All that is enhanced with a ceramic massage wand designed for the eye contour – its oval-shaped flexible tip helps you gently massage the serum into skin, using one of three rituals:

1) Awaken to reduce puffiness

2) Energise to boost circulation in the eye area

3) Infinite to promote relaxation.

Energise was our favourite as it targets the acupressure points, resulting in us looking fresh and alert.

The serum gives an instant lifting effect too. You’ll feel tighter skin around the eyes in minutes. In fact, the formula claims to boost natural collagen by over 200 per cent after 72 hours. What you see: depuffed eyes, tired skin firmed up and fine lines reduced.