Her World Beauty Team Endorses: Yoga Skin

Not a splotch of redness. Not a bead of sweat. Getting yoga skin doesn’t actually require you commit to an hour-long session of Namaste, but the end result still looks like you have inner peace beaming through your pores.

Think this: glistening, glowing skin; radiant complexion that looks shyly flushed – basically, a healthy and hydrated #IWorkedOutLikeThis look (sans the working out). It’s created by blending liquid foundation, face oil and liquid highlighter, topping it with light concealer on blemishes, then applying cream blusher or bronzer.


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The look isn’t supposed to conceal blemishes. It shouldn’t be anything high-coverage, and no pore-filling action is needed. Instead, the cocktail should lend a sheer layer on your skin for a “hyper-realistic” version of your complexion.

To pull off this look in our climate, makeup artist Larry Yeo says to skip the liquid highlighter – they’re too unforgiving on not-perfect skin, and face oil. “Unless you have extremely dry skin, then oils will bring the glow back. Otherwise, your face is going to get greasy quickly.”

Start with a radiance-boosting primer to lightly smooth pores and add a subtle sheen. Layer on a foundation with a glowy finish. Last, use a big, fluffy brush to dust powder over the oilier parts of your face.


This story first appeared in the May issue of Her World Singapore.