It’s impossible to apply lipstick on dry, chapped (and especially) peeling lips. Therefore, instead of trying different moisturisng lipsticks and hoping for the best, you need to get your lips smooth and supple again.

Chapped lips are caused by many factors, namely:
2.Sun damage
5.Bad habits (lick lips, smoking)

Here’s what you can do for your poor chapped lips:
1. Medication / Nutrition
Certain medications such as accutane to treat acne can cause skin dryness. Having an imbalanced diet can also dry out your lips. This is because a lack of certain nutrients can manifest as dryness of the lips too.

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2. Sun Damage
Do you like being out in the sun? Perhaps you enjoy a game of beach volleyball, or aspire to be a bronze goddess, spending much time in a tanning bed? The lines on your lips that give them a wrinkly look could be a result of sun damage. You may also notice uneven skin tone on the lips too. There’s nothing you can do to repair this damage – your only solution is to use a lip balm/treatment product with SPf religiously every day. 


3. Dryness
If your lips feel dry even after you’ve used lip balm, then your lip balm is most likely not moisturising enough. I would recommend lip balm before bedtime. Here are two lip balms you can try:
– An oil-based lip balm like Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm (Fragrance Free) to condition and soften the lips.

– A thicker-textured lip balm like Glossier Balm Dotcom (avaliable from is a do-it-all salve that nourishes and repair dry, inflamed skin with antioxidants and natural emollients.


For a deeper treatment, apply the Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm and layer the Glossier Balm Dotcom over. Why the extra step? The reason is the oilier Lip Pure Lip Balm helps bring moisture back to the lips, and the Balm Dotcom works to trap the moisture in your lips, amplifying the healing of chapped lips.

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4. Allergies
If your lips are constantly dry even though you use lip balm regularly, you should check if your lip balm contains any fragrance or essential oils that can irritate the skin. Usually lip balms with added fragrance can irritate the skin and disrupt skin functions. This manifests as skin dryness, and causes skin to be flaky. Lip balms with ingredients such as menthol, citrus, sandalwood, camphor, cinnamon, and various essential oils are BAD FOR YOUR SKIN


5. Bad habits
Did you know that licking your lips and covering them in saliva causes your lips to become drier? This is because saliva breaks down the skin cells, causing the loss of moisture, making your dry lips even drier. If you have a habit of biting and/or physically peeling your lips, this would worsen the skin condition at your lips. Another bad habit that contributes to chapped lips is smoking. Aside from the harmful free radicals caused by smoking, it adds more wrinkly lines to your lips due to the frequent pouting of your lips. 

If you tried every solution, kick your bad habits and still, nothing worked for your poor lips, I would recommend that you go check with a doctor. Dry lips can also be the symptom/side effect of an infection.