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From a new way to draw your eyeliner (think thicker lines, rounded wings and more) to the edgy boy cut sported on models at Balenciaga and Saint Laurent, the beauty industry saw a host of new beauty trends on the runways of the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion shows. Amidst the slew of new looks, there was one striking trend that took charge. Any guesses? Well, it’s pretty simple: Skin is in.



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Fresh faces were seen all over the runways at the Spring/Summer 2018 shows with many brands basing the look on, well, base. Glossy visages were sported at Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors and even Off White. Models’ skin was luminous (no, not the kind where copious amounts of highlighter were piled on) with barely any makeup on. With many of us now wanting to lead healthier lifestyles (just look at the rise in the number of fitness and yoga schools in Singapore), it seems that the beauty world, too, has gone crazy for complexions to match.

It’s pretty safe to say that before the runways championed the look, South Koreans were already known for it. C’mon, just look at the number of trends (from glass skin to honey skin) the Koreans were known for. The look: a clean, clear glowing complexion. Now that the runways have followed suit, it’s time we cut down on heavy makeup and start embracing our natural skin. However, this is easier said than done. After all, the most important factor of the look is a healthy, glowing complexion.



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The achieve that, the first thing you need to do is pump your skin with sufficient moisture. Which means using a hydrating toner, serum and moisturiser.  However, while most Singaporean women are open to using a toner and serum, many balk at using moisturisers as they tend to find them to rich and heavy in our humid climate.



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To help you overcome this, we’ve put together a list of lightweight and gel-based moisturising creams that melt into skin while intensely hydrating to give you a dewy, supple complexion. They’re perfect in our hot weather, and a great even for oily complexions because remember, a lack of moisture can also cause an over-production of sebum so it’s important to also keep your skin sufficiently hydrated.

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