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When you are out and about, and a pimple comes along, you are limited to what you can to treat it, without making it worse.

1. Don’t Panic and Pop. First of all, do not pop your pimple! It increases the risk of scarring and can extend the recovery period of the pimple. 

2. Ice It. Icing will help reduce swelling, inflammation, redness and the pain level. Makeup artist Larry Yeo suggests that you get your hands on a piece of ice, wrap it up on a wet wipe, put over the pimple for a short while (less than two minutes), remove the wrapped ice and let the skin rest for a minute before you put the ice over again.

3. See the Doctor. If it’s really painful, you can consider visiting the dermatologist for a cortisone injection. That will flatten out the pimple within 24 hours.

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TIP: A pimple takes a few days to go away – even with treatment. In the meantime, look for colourless pimple treatment gels like Thursday Plantation Tea Tress Blemish Gel and Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel so there wouldn’t be a white or beige mark on your skin throughout the day.