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Eye makeup will appear look more dramatic when you put on your glasses as your makeup gets magnified by your prescribed lenses.

To counter this, you need to light up your eye area. Here’s an easy way to do it:

#1 After your foundation, apply a cream eyeshadow in a shade similar to your skin tone. 

#2 As your glasses cast a slight shadow over the eye area, conceal any under-eye dark circles, and choose a cream eyeshadow that has a pearly finish to brighten up your eye area.

#3 Add shimmer makeup under the eyes – you can opt for an eyeshadow stick or a crayon eyeliner to give you more control. 

#4 Then, define your eyebrows and line your eyes in black, and curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Lastly, while not related to eye makeup, slip on a bright-coloured lippie to light up your face, and you’re all set!


Here are some examples:

(Photo: Instagram styledbymargaret)


(Photo: Instagram fernandahelms)


(Photo: Instagram marcianeguimaraes)