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By now, you would probably be familiar with the K-beauty trend of “glass skin” and the gazillion steps involved to achieve it. But what about Japanese skincare?

According to CEO of Japanese skincare brand Re:Erth, Shinji Yamasaki, Japanese skincare revolves around being gentle with skin. And that’s exactly what the brand sets out to do.

Re:Erth is an advocate of a minimalist fuss-free skincare regime suitable for all skin types that is packed with benefits to help you achieve healthy skin.


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Unlike most skincare brands that roll out products that each target a specific skin concern, Re:Erth believes in helping skin do what it is supposed to do in order to restore its healthy natural glow.

The brand’s best seller, the Multi-Targeted Elixir that is made with patented white turmeric, for instance, doesn’t just deliver hyaluronic acid into the skin but also helps to inhibit the degradation of hyaluronic acid within skin.

Shattering the myth

If Koreans are all about dewy skin, the Japanese prefer supple and bouncy mochi-like skin that is tactile and touchable.

Shinji recommends opting for a simple skincare routine, starting off with cleansing, then putting on the Multi-Targeted Elixir before toner so the former can penetrate into skin better, moisturising, and of course sun protection.


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Now, this is when it starts to get interesting.

Even though we’ve been told that we should exfoliate our skin at least twice a week to get rid of all of the accumulated build up and dead skin on our faces, Shinji tells us that exfoliating is not necessary when you have a good cleanser.

“It might not look like it but skin is not even – certain areas are thinner than others, and certain areas have more dead skin. When you exfoliate, you’re taking layers off your skin and you’re not taking them off evenly.”

He added, “Exfoliation can thin out your skin barrier and if you are out in the sun quite often, you might experience more pigmentation, sun spots and freckles. Having dead skin cells is normal, and you need it to form a physical barrier to protect the skin, especially if you live in a hot and humid climate like Singapore.”

Quality ingredients VS steps

While the 10-step K-beauty skincare routine has been touted as a sure formula for achieving that coveted “glass skin” look, the key to achieving healthy skin isn’t just about having more steps in your routine but using good products made with quality ingredients present in the right concentration.  


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That is why Re:Erth prides itself on using only ingredients that are backed up by clinical trials and studies from reputable universities like Kindai University, University of Cambridge and Stockholm University.

In addition to using products made of quality ingredients, one golden rule for great skin according to Shinji is being consistent with your skincare routine.Some products you will need to use twice a day (cleanser, toner, serum), others once a day (sunscreen during the day), and some every other day, or once a week (sheet mask).