Photo: Kim Youjung/Instagram

South Koreans have pretty much gotten the art of achieving clear, translucent and radiant skin locked down. So when we heard that South Korean beauty brand Laneige has just added two new products to its popular White Dew line, we knew we had to try them. The products in the line aim to replenish moisture while evening out skin tone. It comprises of nine different products (the two new ones included) and has everything from creams to serums and masks.

The mark of a gorgeous Korean skin is a glowing, dewy complexion. To achieve that, the Laneige White Dew range works to hydrate AND brighten skin at the same time, and its two new addition definitely does so. The White Dew Sherbet Cream is a lightweight moisturiser, while the Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask is an overnight, leave-on mask. The powerful duo is said to help suppresses melanin production, disrupt melanin-forming linkages and flush out dark pigments to reveal a translucent and more radiant complexion. Bonus: these creams are also super hydrating to help achieve a supple, soft and more luminous complexion.

You can check out the entire collection here.

This article was first published on Female