The phrase “less is more” isn’t something that would usually come to mind when you think of Korean beauty products.

After all, those laborious ten (or more) step skincare routines did hail from the land of the morning calm. We’re talking about multiple steps of cleansers, lotions, softeners, milky emulsions, essences, serums, concentrates, creams, masks, eye care, sun protection, and so on.

But CEO of Nord Mason Co., Ltd. and founder of K-beauty brand Huxley decided to do things totally differently. “Most of our competitors have more than 200 or 300 items in their inventory, but we only have 27 core products”: said Mr. Lee in an exclusive sit-down interview with us.

“Before we develop a certain product, we ask ourselves if it’s really necessary. There are too many brands and too many options (in the market). People are getting tired (of having to choose and buy different products)”, he added.

With this “simple is better” philosophy in mind, he created Huxley, named after “Brave New World” author Aldous Huxley.

The streamlined brand offers simple and straightforward solutions for city skin, to counter pollution and constantly hot-outside, cold-inside conditions that we are all too familiar with.

Mr. Lee is an advocate of a core routine that is “simple but effective” regardless of the environment you live in, your age, skin type or condition: cleanse, tone, essence, and moisturising cream. And he warned that using unnecessary products that are not suited for your skin could in fact lead to skin irritation and congestion.

Skincare essential for Korean flight attendants

It’s easy to fall in love with Huxley’s sophisticated and minimalist IG-friendly packaging, the products deliver on efficacy too.

Employing the assistance of researchers and dermatologists, all products go through rigorous testing before launching to consumers. Clinical trials (with 30 to 33 respondents) are also conducted to ensure that Huxley products are safe even for those who have sensitive skin.

The brand utilises the prickly pear cactus that survives in extreme heat and cold temperatures at night because of its ability to hold water in all of its products.

The moisture-binding prickly pear cactus presented in Huxley products is what makes the brand so popular amongst Korean flight attendant since airplanes have the same dehydrating effects on your skin as a dessert due to the low humidity levels (less than 15 per cent).

The Huxley scent

The brand’s unique formulations promote the skin’s natural defenses and energises the skin with its light, refreshing scent inspired by Moroccan gardens.

In fact, this signature “Huxley” scent that is found in all of the brand’s products became such a hit amongst customers that the brand actually launched body products and candles with the same scent to complete the sensorial experience. According to Mr. Lee: “scent is a communication tool between the Huxley brand and our customers.”

Scroll through our gallery to see a selection of Huxley’s products, including a personal favourite of Mr. Lee.