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In the quaint town of Ashhurst, New Zealand, where the air is crisp and the grasses are green, you can find The Herb Farm – the equally quaint skincare brand that follows a unique farm-to-face concept when creating their skincare products. 



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Lynn Kirkland is the founder of The Herb Farm. With 30 years of formulation experience under her belt, she’s the one that concocts magic on her farm, using only herbs that are grown there. Since the brand’s founding 26 years ago, they’ve prided themselves on making skincare products on-site – to have “full quality over ingredients used, and exactly how products are made”, says Sarah Cowan, Kirkland’s daughter, the managing director of the brand. 



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But even before the making of any product, trained herb pickers will have to harvest only the freshest of herbs to get things going. On the seven acres of land that The Herb Farm owns, two are themed gardens – brimming with herbs grown for skincare products. There are 12 types (if we’re being specific: calendula, comfrey, thyme, olive, got kola, gingko, white tea, echinacea, Japanese menthol mint, elderberry, hops, and lavender). 

Every herb needs to be picked at their “optimal time” – and every herb has a different one. Calendulas, for example, have to be picked on hot sunny days when resin in their petals make them sticky to the touch. Elderberries – only when the bunch is fully purple. To form the active ingredient echinacin, echinacea flowers have to be in full bloom, then dried. Pickers will have to then cut the cone open and chew the central part to see if a numbing sensation is felt – that’s when it’s ready. 



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With Kirkland’s formulation expertise (she’s formulated over 100 products in 30 years), these herbs will be concocted with naturally-derived skincare actives. Every ingredient has to be certified by Kirkland to be natural, organic and gentle on the skin, while being able to deliver effective results. 

“These formulas balances the skin, giving it that glow-from-within look in the long run. We don’t like forcing the skin into short-term results,” says Cowan. “When used in the right proportions, and in synergy with other skincare actives, natural ingredients are very powerful and show great results for the skin,” she adds.



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(Kirkland and her team tests every single one of her products, of course. No skimping or cutting corners is allowed.)

The farm-to-face concept doesn’t stop there. In staying absolutely true to their values, The Herb Farm even has their own manufacturing facility on-site, where all their skincare products are manufacture and packaged. These products are then dispatched from New Zealand to the rest of the world. 



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“Our products are created in small batches for optimal freshness, and ingredient potency,” says Cowan. “It is important for our customers to know where there products are coming from and the integrity and authenticity of them and this is what the farm-to-face concept offers.”

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