Fann Wong's top 9 beauty tips to look beautiful

1) Beauty inside-out, and outside-in
“I always making sure I clean off my makeup and wash my hair before I sleep, and that my pillow case is clean. It’s also important for us to use the skincare products that are suitable for your skin: You have to know your skin very well, for instance, you would need to switch your products when you travel to a cold country. Drinking enough water and regular exercise are just as important.” 

2) “Give me the simplest skincare products!”
“Before my son came along, I had a 12-step skincare regime, and I also care for my body and hair. I love going for regular facials, and I would use a face mask every day. As my skin is very fair, it is also very sensitive, and a lot of skincare products would irritate my skin. So I would spend a lot time to take care of it. 

After I gave birth, I was too busy taking care of my baby to worry about the condition of my skin. Now that my child is older, I have time to look in the mirror. My skin condition hasn’t changed much and I feel that my skin still looks all right. My husband thinks it’s because I am happy. 

Now I just want the simplest skincare products. I would rather spend time with my son than go to the gym or to my facialist. I still want to take care of my skin but I want everything to be simple.

When I try the Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, I was quite amazed, even my makeup artist noticed a positive difference in my skin. 

3) Cleansing is vital
According to Fann, clean skin and hair is important. Properly cleansed skin always skincare products to be readily absorbed. “Why clean hair? It doesn’t matter how clean your skin is when your hair, laden with hairstyling products, sweat and dirt, touches your face.” 

4) Start with the basics
“The most important part about taking care of your skin is to set a good foundation. The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate strengthens my sensitive skin as it preps my skin and allows it to effectively absorb nutrients from skincare that follows.”


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 Shiseido Ultimune ambassador Fann Wong
5) Me-time = Work hours
“When I’m at work, that’s my me-time. And when I’m not working, it’s Zed-time. Chatting with my husband also relaxes me, too.” 

6) “I don’t wear makeup when I go out.”
“When I’m not working, and when I bring my son out, I would not wear makeup. I don’t mind it at all. And I don’t care what other people think and say – as long as my son is happy. Sometimes I would even forget my sunglasses (to hide tired eyes).” 

7) She has learnt to let it go.
When asked about how Fann conceals the look of tired eyes from insufficient sleep, she says: “I would wear sunglasses. Other times, I would just let it go. If anyone asked, I would just tell them I haven’t had enough sleep.”

8) She wears sunscreen from head to toe.
“I would also apply sunscreen on my body when I am filming or when I bring my son outdoors.”

9) She still listens to her mother’s beauty tips.
“When I was young, my mother would advise me rinse my skin with water for 20 times to clean my skin. And she went on to advise me to properly cleanse off my makeup when I worked a s a model. Every now and then, I still treat my skin to 20 splashes of water.”