It’s that time of the year again, when we look forward to the next 12 months armed with a list of resolutions we swear we’ll commit to. If one of them is to get a brighter, more radiant complexion, read on.

You’ve worked hard and partied hard, and as the lights come on and after all the tinsel is swept away, you might start to look the worse for wear. The combination of late nights, booze, and the frenzied search for gifts amid crowds of shoppers during the festive period might have taken a toll on your complexion. To make things worse, factors such as smoking, plus other skin conditions such as eczema, can severely affect skin tone as well, resulting in a dull and uneven complexion.

So how can you get that coveted glow to kick-start your New Year? Privé Aesthetics has a series of treatments for anyone who wants to look refreshed, and get brighter, healthier-looking skin.

1. Laser White Facetherapy

A signature at Privé Aesthetics, this targets stubborn pigmentation, brown spots and acne marks. The five-step treatment uses Alpha-Litamin, a Nobel Prize-winning discovery with an antioxidant efficacy that is 100 times stronger than vitamin C, plus a variety of other lightening actives that work together to deliver a clearer and brighter complexion.

The Maxi-Fruit Peel, with brightening fruit exfoliant, is applied to reduce the look of existing pigment spots.

Alpha-Litamin Vitamin C Powder and Brightening Complex are then applied. The former delivers immediate antioxidant benefits and neutralises age-accelerating free radicals, while the latter treats uneven pigmentation and photo-damaged skin, while supposedly preventing the formation of age spots and regulating skin tone.

A soothing Neuroessence helps to calm and hydrate skin, thanks to optimal delivery of actives deep into skin.

First Layer Lumi Enzyme Mask helps to lighten and balance skin tone for highly refined, smooth skin.

The richly formulated Second Layer White Cream Mousse Mask provides concentrated nourishment, hydration and lightening agents for a fresher-looking complexion.

Still not sure how Laser White Facetherapy works? Follow blogger Claire Audrey Lim in the video below as she tries out the treatment.

2. Oral products and sunscreens

Other options include oral products such as Crystal Tomato and Esthewhite, which promise to protect skin from sun exposure, while reducing existing pigmentation. They are said to inhibit the formation of additional melanin and protect against free radical damage by environmental aggressors. There are also oral sunscreens such as Estheshield, which has polypodium leucotomos to protect skin from UV damage and lower the possibility of sunburn.

For more intensive treatments and procedures, head to Privé Clinic. Here, doctors can address skin problems with treatments like Dew Drops Skinboosters, also known as “water bright injections”. It is designed to provide intense hydration and lasting improvements to the overall quality of skin. Other services include laser treatments such as Discovery Pico or Revlite. These use light and heat energy which promise to lighten pigmentation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, as well as skin irregularities such as pimples and enlarged pores.

Make an appointment for a consultation and discover professional solutions to help make you feel beautiful and confident. Its consultants are committed to helping you look – and feel – your very best using the latest and most advanced technology, with a strong focus on safety. You’ll be all set to glow for 2018!

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