Youtube tutorials on how to make your own face mask

Photo: Shutterstock


If you want to get in on the natural skincare trend, you will, at some point, think about making your own DIY face mask. There are many things in your fridge that are capable of banishing unsightly patches, minimising pores and zapping blemishes.

But besides roughly knowing what to use – oats, honey and yogurt are probably some of the common ingredients you’ve heard about – you need to mix them in the correct proportion to make sure your mask works. Here are six of the best Youtube tutorials on how to make a DIY face mask according to your skin’s needs.


1. For sensitised, reactive skin


The OG of Youtubers, Michelle Phan’s video tutorial on DIY face mask from five years ago is still as relevant now. She uses Vietnamese rice paper wrap and green tea to make the face mask, which is good for soothing reddened skin. Start watching from the 2:17 mark for instructions on how to make the mask, or watch from the beginning for tips on how to do a DIY face scrub.


2. For clogged pores and skin that is prone to heating up (perfect for Singapore’s weather!)


Liah Yoo is a beauty Youtuber based in Seoul and has over 650,000 subscribers. She used to work at skincare giant, Amorepacific, and her beauty knowledge is apparent when she explains in detail the ingredients used and the skin benefits they present. She recommends five different types of masks in this video – all of which are worth trying. Our favourite is the Mung Bean Powder Mask, which helps detoxify and cool down the skin. The latter is important because heated skin = inflamed skin, which gives rise to premature ageing and hyper-pigmentation.


3. For dull, acne-prone skin


Beauty vlogger Deepica Mutyala’s DIY face mask uses turmeric, a superfood ingredient, honey and milk. This mask has great antibacterial and skin-brightening properties, and can be used all over your body too, to get that glow-from-within complexion.


4. For acne-prone, oily skin


Marie Rayma of blogs about everything DIY and makes her own micellar water and even foundation. The face mask she recommends here is good for detoxifying oily skin but I’d recommend replacing the lavender essential oil with tea tree oil as essential oils can cause skin irritation.


5. For dry, dehydrated skin


Nicoletta is a Youtuber with over 800,000 subscribers. She does mainly lifestyle videos and teaches you how to hack your life, so this DIY face mask tutorial is one of the easiest to follow. The ingredients are simple, such as cinnamon and honey, which makes the tutorial easy to follow. The avocado mask is great for those with dry and dehydrated skin. She also gives a great tip which we think should apply to all the DIY face masks you are attempting to try – do a patch test on skin first, because your skin may be reactive to certain ingredients, regardless of how natural they are.