Ever wondered what the Korean glass skin and Japanese mochi skin trends have in common? The answer: well-hydrated skin that is supple, radiant and youthful-looking. It usually involves a very detailed and diligent skincare routine that uses multiple layers of hydrating products, which can be intimidating to keep up daily. 

Fortunately, Victoria Facelift’s signature Power-Lift Facial is a much easier way to achieve that same enviable glow.

Renewed youthfulness

Victoria Facelift’s signature Power-Lift Facial

The customisable facial delivers intense hydration not just to the skin’s surface, but also to its deeper layers, nourishing and hydrating it from within. Victoria Facelift’s signature Power-Lift Facial also has firming and lifting effects that help to counter signs of ageing and fatigue like wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles.

It’s tried, tested, proven, and loved by celebrity actress Paige Chua – the facial helps her skin look radiant and youthful, so she looks great on (and off) screen. 

The secret lies in a unique anti-ageing formula from Britain. The power-packed cocktail of active botanical ingredients – epidermal growth factors (EGF), hydrolysed collagen and hibiscus abelmoschus seed extract – repairs and renews the skin, boosting collagen and hyaluronic acid production to lift and firm for a dewy glow and youthful bounce. 

The powerful Power-Lift machine

To transport the nutrients deep into skin, the facial incorporates radio-frequency energy, delivered via the Power-Lift machine. This gently warms the skin, enhancing absorption of the ingredients and activating the cells to build up the skin’s elasticity over time. 

Say goodbye to sagging or rough skin, fine wrinkles and even dark circles in just 90 minutes. What you get is a desirable V-shaped face and youthful suppleness, just like your favourite Korean and Japanese celebs have. The best bit? It is completely needle-free and comfortable too. 

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