Before the world became abuzz with K-beauty, it was the Japanese we turned to for their skincare secrets. All Japanese women seemed to possess a translucent, radiant complexion that clearly didn’t just come from religiously applying sunblock (although that is still a super important skincare step). We bet that in your quest for skin as perfect, it is likely you also have a drawer full of barely-used skincare products leftover from past experiments. Well, we’re happy to inform you that your search is over.

This latest treatment, the Miroko Whitening Treatment by Shakura taps into the powerful and nourishing combination of Milk Essence and the Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower (Roselle); enriched with Vitamin C and Amino Acid to produce a gentle yet effective formula suitable for all skin types.

The story
Researchers from Shakura, The Whitening & Pigmentation Specialist came upon a group of women working in a remote dairy farm amidst the lush fields of Japan, and to their surprise found that they all had luminous, silky and youthful skin despite the long hours under the sun. Apparently, the unused milk became part of these ladies’ daily beauty ritual, and was used in everything from baths to cleansers. This secret was then developed into an effective treatment and brought into Singapore, where you can achieve the same clarity and radiance in just 90 minutes*.

Four elements for one powerful treatment
We’re talking about Shakura’s Signature Miroko Whitening Treatment, formulated specially for Asian skin. This treatment combines the power of milk and flower (Roselle) to treat pigmentation, acne marks, sun spots and uneven and dull complexions. Milk is effective for lightening spots and providing hydration, while Roselle is known for its anti-ageing properties. The treatment targets the four elements of perfect skin to help you eventually achieve fairer and brighter skin.

First up, pigmentation control allows you to achieve clarity as the treatment visibly lightens dark spots. Next, your skin is plumped full of moisture, and it achieves translucency when optimal hydration levels are reached. The third element focuses on perfecting your skin’s texture through exfoliation – dead skin cells are gently removed and allows your skin’s natural radiance to shine through. Lastly, a whitening enhancement evens out your skin tone and helps you achieve your desired fairness.

The Miroko Whitening Treatment is also enhanced with vitamin C and amino acids, and because it is so gentle, is suitable for all skin types. The best part is, you’ll be able to see visibly lightened pigmentation and clearer, brighter skin in just 90 minutes*. There is absolutely no downtime either, so if you need a quick pick-me-up before a special event, this treatment is perfect.

Customised treatment
Did we mention that every treatment is fully customised to suit your unique skin concerns? Shakura’s team of whitening and pigmentation specialists will conduct an in-depth skin analysis before starting any treatment, and will talk you through the entire process during your consultation. They will even conduct follow-ups post-treatment, ensuring that all your skincare needs are met.

For their exclusive launch, you can enjoy a special introductory price of just $28 (U.P $300), but do note that this is only available for first-time customers. Click here to sign up now.

The Miroko Whitening Treatment is available at all of their seven outlets. Visit their website to find the outlet most convenient for you, and achieve the intense luminosity and youthful radiance you’ve always coveted.

*Individual results may vary