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Have you seen the recent series of Youtube videos starring actress Chloe Grace Moretz and comedian James Corden? Titled Bare Skin Chat, the series of humourous videos details James Corden’s foray into the world of SK-II’s Pitera Essence, with plenty of guidance.

In one of the videos, Chloe Grace Moretz mentions that her skincare routine is truly streamlined – all she needs is a bottle of SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. Intrigued, we couldn’t help but to reach out to the actress to find out if she really takes such a minimalist approach to skincare, what she truly thinks about the Japanese skincare brand and what it was like filming the videos with James Corden.


Photo: SK-II


About the Bare Skin Chat

1) Which was your favourite episode and why?

I love the ASMR video! I think it’s so funny and silly. We had an incredible time doing it together. It was so fun and completely ad-libbed! When we filmed it, my favourite bit was with the comb. It made some really wild noises!

2) What was it like working with James Corden and did you really teach him all about the Pitera Essence?

He’s a really great guy. I’ve known James for years now and I’ve really loved getting to know him better. Spending time doing this was more than a blast! And yes, I think I’ve helped him out with his skincare routine for sure now.


Photo: SK-II


About the Pitera Essence

1) In a previous interview, you said it was impressive that the Pitera Essence has a unique scent. How would you describe the smell?

It’s a pretty special product as it was discovered after scientists noticed the youthful and smooth hands of sake makers. So, I always find the scent to be almost sake-like – pretty extraordinary.

2) Many people would like to know if the Pitera Essence has actual effects. Please share your honest review of the product.

I really feel that it has smoothed and evened out my complexion. Working in an industry where I have to wear lots of makeup on a daily basis, I find that this helps to stop acne from forming on my face. I also think that it tightens and closes my pores, making my skin glow and look youthful.

3) How do you use the Facial Treatment Essence? In Korea, some people say you should pat three times your age when you use the essence. Would you like to try that?

I love that! I’ll definitely try that next time and see how it feels. I love that the product is really easy to use. You can apply it anywhere, anytime and any way you like it – be it patting three times or a hundred times.


Chloe Grace Moretz SK-II Bare Skin Chat interview with Her World

Photo: SK-II


4) In Korea, a popular influencer made waves when she said she uses the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence on her body as well. According to her, it helps increase her elasticity of the skin on her body. Would you try that?

Yes, I love using it on many different parts of my body as well, actually. I would totally bathe in it if I could.

5) To whom would you gift the Pitera Essence?

My mum is most definitely obsessed with it! So, I think she’d fight anyone to get her hands on it.

6) Have you ever tried measuring your skin age using the SK-II Magic Ring test?

I got 19 years old! Not bad.


Photo: SK-II


About Chloe’s real beauty routine

1) You have good and healthy skin. Were you born with it?

I was born with problematic skin. However, over the years, I have fixed it by keeping my routine as simple and natural as possible. That’s why my Pitera Essence fits perfectly into my routine.

2) In your opinion, which celebrities have beautiful bare skin?

There are a multitude of artists I admire, but one that stands out in particular is Alicia Keys. In a way, I feel like she’s a part of the #bareskinproject with the way she’s championed for raw beauty, as opposed to covering up your natural skin.

3) Do you have any first-aid solutions for days when your skin gets particularly bad?

I would say my first go-to solution is to start off by washing my face thoroughly with organic olive oil using a washcloth and warm water. I also use my Pitera Essence as a spot treatment for any zits that pops up. I find that it helps ward off bacteria and seals in the moisture that my skin needs.


This interview has been edited for length and clarity.