We’ve got the message on cleansing our faces: It’s a crucial skincare step because it preps skin for all the nourishment of serums and moisturisers. But according to Cheryl Wee, founder of Cheryl W Wellness & Weight Management, cleansing inside our bodies is just as important. “Detox gives the body the proper foundation it needs to succeed in losing weight and maintaining weight loss,” she says. “Even those who are already slim would benefit from this treatment as it purifies their bodies from toxic waste and impurities.”


Clean from the inside


Cheryl W’s Royal Flush Body Treatment begins with a consultation to determine your habits and goals, and the consultant will share lifestyle tips and create a customised treatment package that will involve some, or all of the following.

1) Issues like boating, water retention and cellulite are addressed using a non-invasive machine that does body toning, burning of fats and lifting.

2) An aroma steam bath relaxes the body, boost circulation and opens the pores, ready for application of bodycare products.

3) A customised body scrub is applied to help draw out toxins and reduce water retention. It increases blood circulation, promotes the growth of new skin cells and leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth. The therapist uses lymphatic massage techniques, which stimulates the lymph system to work more efficiently and release more lymph fluids, disposing of toxins and waste.

4) It’s time for thermal heat therapy, in which you lie on a heated blanket for approximately 30 minutes. This boosts the heart rate in the way that exercise does, burning 300 calories – roughly the amount you’d burn in a hour of non-stop running. Sweating produces a detox effect too, and blood circulation is boosted.

5) Support your treatment at home with wellness drinks such as Flush, Radiant or Strength. There’s also bloat-busting Ginger-Champagne Tea, a fruity, fizzy sugar-free drink.


Clean from the inside


As well as the Signature Body Flush, Cheryl W offers treatments for cellulite, firming and toning, slimming and fat-burning. There are outlets at: Ngee Ann City #05-18/18A (tel: 6694 6352); Jean Yip Loft #04-01 New Bridge Road (tel: 6634 2709); Jurong Point #03-02 (tel: 6898 4890); and Tiong Bahru Plaza #02-125 (tel: 6352 1723/6377 5051). Find out more at, and Instagram @cherylwofficial.


Clean from the inside


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