The search for eternal youth might be an elusive one but there certainly are skincare products that help us look and feel younger. One such treasure is Secret Essence, su:m37°’s secret to beautiful skin and the answer to anti-aging. In fact, it contains strong anti-oxidants to repress aging symptoms, and creates a silky skin texture within just two weeks.

The Korean skincare and cosmetics brand celebrates its first anniversary in Singapore and what better way to commemorate this than by discovering its flagship and best-selling product.

su:m37° is renowned for creating a unique essence that’s derived from a proprietary and traditional natural fermentation process.

The result is Secret Essence, a product that enhances the natural healing power of the skin without the use of added preservatives, artificial color and fragrance.

The conditions surrounding this process have been proven to create the most effective formulas that yield 16 times more beneficial probiotics than any artificially-driven process. su:m37° is the first and only brand to start and persist in this study of natural fermentation in its one-of-its-kind research institute in Gangwon‐do, South Korea.

su:m37° uses the Ferm Origin Process™, a concept of rhythmic fermentation which creates optimal conditions (temperature, light/sound, water, soil, and air) for fermentation, mirroring the process in nature.

Secret Essence is also formulated with a patented compound, Cytosis®, made from the extracts of over 80 different kinds of local plant varieties that have been fermented and aged in cedar barrels under the most stringent conditions – an optimal temperature of 37°C and humidity, for at least 365 days, and some as long as a decade.

This is done through a process that extracts active ingredients and puts them through a biological process that taps on micro-organisms which are able to produce, distribute and convert the ingredients into safe and efficacious by-products that are good for the human skin. Cytosis® is fundamental in helping to re-build the foundation of good skin and further strengthening it against external stressors and pollution.

In addition, boosted by the Advanced Sync Program™, the antioxidant-rich Secret Essence helps to improve the tone, brilliance, firmness, texture, and hydration level of the skin. An efficacy study on 100 women aged 25 to 35 years showed 99.8 per cent skin improvement (in the five components) satisfaction after just two weeks of use.

Women in Singapore have been sharing their love for Secret Essence too:

“I love Secret Essence for its texture and scent, and how it doesn’t make my skin feel oily at all after continuing with the rest of my skincare regimen.”

Neo Jing Yi

“Secret Essence has been a game changer for me. I’ve been using it religiously for six months and my skin is more radiant and moisturised. It’s magic in a bottle!”


“The essence is so hydrating and my complexion is getting better, even my friends have commented that my complexion looks so much better.”

Patricia Seah

Discover your very own secret essence through this breakthrough skincare product. After you’ve applied your toner, dispense an adequate amount (around four to five drops) of Secret Essence onto your palms and gently apply evenly to your face. Pat lightly for absorption and complete with your regular skincare regimen.

Secret Essence (80ml/$108) is available at all su:m37° counters in TANGS at Tang Plaza and VivoCity, and Isetan Tampines. su:m37° counter at TANGS at Tang Plaza is re-opening at a new location on June 26, 2018.

Get a 3-piece gift set when you purchase Secret Essence at su:m37° counters. Also, get a free personalised 3-day trial kit (including best-seller Secret Essence) @

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