For the skintellectuals amongst us, beauty products need to be more than just ‘dermatologist approved’ or raved about by an influencer, we need to know exactly how they deliver on the promise of  plump, glowy and dewy skin.

Here are some products that use next-gen ingredients and research that is actually rocket science – and yes, they work.



111Skin uses a proprietary molecule, NAC Y2, that was developed using wound-healing technology powered by the Soviet space program.

Their 3 Phase Anti Blemish Booster gives out of the world results — reduces the appearance of wrinkles within four weeks and instantly improves overall skin texture — even while you’re on earth.


ZIIP Beauty Nano Current Device

With Nano currents measuring one billionth of one ampere, this beauty device of the future stimulates the skin’s levels of the co-enzyme ATP, which helps promote collagen and elastin.

Even better, this device connects with your phone to dispense treatments via Bluetooth, and it’s good looking enough to match your iPhone XS Max.


SiO Beauty Eye & Smile Lift Patch

You’ve never met masks like these babies. Made with medical grade silicone, these patches create a microclimate under the patch to boost collagen production and bring moisture to the surface of your skin. Best used before your makeup to plump out fine lines and minimise crepey skin.


Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure

Formulated with a killer cocktail of citric, lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids, this mask for your feet will definitely result in something worthy of a sci fi film feature — your skin literally peels off to reveal a new layer of baby soft skin.



Erasa will erase all the icky things you don’t want from your skin.

Dubbed botox in a bottle, this anti-aging serum uses a blend of neuropeptides to do multiple things all at once, including stimulating collagen growth, lightening darks spots, brightening the complexion, and easing facial muscle movement. Short of hopping into a time machine, this product (the only one from the brand!) is your best bet to turning back the hands of time.