There is a buzz among the aesthetic clinics in Singapore. One aesthetician had declared that “something revolutionary” was happening to her treatments. The spotlight wasn’t on the treatment itself now; but what was being used during the treatment that was making the big difference.





More than 50 med-spas across Singapore are now on-board with this revolutionary technology, called CALECIM® Professional Serum: a mixture of active growth factors, cytokines and proteins uniquely derived from cord lining stem cells. This potent composition is being directed deep into the skin during the latest in-office treatments, such as lasers, LED, microneedling and hydrafacials, to allow targeted rejuvenation to take place beneath the surface of the skin.

Noticeable improvements to your skin

Patients that frequent clinics for their monthly or annual skin boost have noticed a change in their treatments with the application of the stem cell serum. At first, they were just raving about how much faster they could ‘return to work’; especially noticeable after intensive procedures such as ablative laser treatments. Larry Yeo, Singapore’s foremost celebrity makeup artist, reported that CALECIM® Professional Serum, managed to “calm skin down and help accelerate my down time” after undergoing a laser treatment for improving skin texture and decreasing acne scarring.

Doctors also noticed that patients were happier, not only because they could recover faster after their treatments, but also because the positive results of the procedures were becoming more consistent. Dr. Mitchel Goldman, a renowned dermatologist and a skin laser expert in San Diego, reckons that it is improved healing that is the basis for the better results.

Skincare with a difference

“CALECIM® which comprises protein growth factors secreted by Umbilical Cord Lining Stem Cells… contains anti-inflammatory cytokines like Interleukin -10…and improve flibroblastic function when applied to the skin after skin resurfacing therapy,” says Dr. Goldman in an article he submitted in the medical journal PRIME.

Doctors who specialise in anti-aging have long been aware of the connection between healthy, youthful skin and its ability to heal. In fact, most in-clinic treatments work on the premise of ‘controlled injury’ so that skin is compelled to ‘recover’ by producing new cells — the basis of an improved aesthetic result. Simply said, boosting the skin’s recovery through the application of powerful stem cell proteins leads to better aesthetic outcomes because your recovery is now super-charged and accelerated.



Keep Cool and Sleep On

We love the results that an in-clinic procedure gives us, but who enjoys the itching, burning sensation that keeps us up at night?

CALECIM® Professional Serum has become the standard after-care of choice among aesthetic doctors and medi-spas in Singapore. Application of potent stem cell proteins has been proven to help with skin restoration and regeneration, so the relief that patients get upon its application is not just a temporary cooling effect of the product evaporating, but active skin restoration taking place. Patients experience dramatic relief from discomfort, swelling and redness.



CALECIM® Professional has just upped the ante in post-procedure care with the Recovery Night Complex: a clear gel complex that is rich in stem cell proteins, and also contains other cooling, calming and hydrating factors such aloe vera, niaciminade, and calmosensine. Find some cool, comforting relief with this through-the-night gel mask that coats skin with a thin film of healing stem cell proteins, and provides skin with non-stop hydration while we sleep and recover.



Beware: Fragile Skin Ahead

How to take care of your skin after a procedure

More sun protection please

Many doctors recommend that you avoid direct sun for a few days after your procedure. Choose a sunblock that blocks alpha and beta ultraviolet rays, and make sure that the formula is not too thick as that might clog up your pores.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Do you know that your body, and your skin, requires more water when it is in recovery mode? Make sure that you keep your skin hydrated, inside and out, and increase your daily intake of water.

Choose your after-care with care

Reactive treatment creams such as AHAs, retinoids and certain anti-oxidants are best to be avoided after a procedure as skin is sensitive. Doctors have been using CALECIM® Professional as the after-care product of choice as it has been clinically proven to calm down traumatised skin. It also helps accelerate the skin’s natural recovery process through a potent mix of growth factors and proteins that do not irritate the skin.



Want to make use of real stem cell science to treat your skin issues? Here are some targeted treatments that aesthetic doctors and medi-spas are offering that include a potent dose of stem cell proteins.



Shiro Aesthetic Clinic | 6235 5655 Mandarin Gallery


For tired, dull skin

The CALECIM® Oxy Treatment uses jet infusion to saturate skin with potent stem cell growth factors and proteins. If you need a skin booster that allows you to shine on that evening without needles or pain, this is something to consider that will rev up your skin’s radiance.



Celevenus | 6410 9621 Ngee Ann City


To improve skin texture and acne scarring

Microneedling has been used with considerable success for the treatment of acne scarring, and the Intracel Advance treatment combines it with Fractional Radio-frequency to smoothen out the skin surface. Active stem cell proteins are added during and after the treatment to ensure that the skin’s structural layer is effectively restored.



Prive Aesthetics | 9773 2677 Palais Renaissance | 9787 0095 NEX, Serangoon


To treat eye bags and dark circles

Discoloration and bags around the eyes are due to stress damage accumulated by the fragile tissue in the area. Give the skin cells around your eyes a rejuvenating boost that allows them to renew at an accelerated rate. Prive PerfectEye combines a reviving laser treatment with an application of CALECIM® Professional Serum.



Freia Aesthetics | 6734 3219 Wisma Atria | 6258 0233 Raffles City


For thin and lax skin

Thin skin that is losing its elasticity makes your face look tired and sagging. Skin density is hard to rebuild but with the addition of active stem cell proteins in the CellRewind Treatment with microneedling, collagen layers are encouraged to restore as cell renewal activity kicks in.


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