Just as how toxins can accumulate in our body, dirt and grime build up in pores too over time. Which is why beauty companies have invented a wide range of products to help us clean, exfoliate and detox our skin. Aside from daily cleansing and regular exfoliation, it is important to give your skin a thorough purge with purifying masks that absorb excess sebum, sweep away debris and draw out grime deep within pores.  

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When searching for the perfect purifying mask, the ingredients are key. Since they are designed to soak up unwanted dirt and grime, one of the most popular ingredients found in purifying masks are clays like Kaolin and Bentonite, which are highly absorbent, and eliminate impurities from deep within pores like a charm. Sulfur is also fantastic for oily skin, as it has anti-bacterial properties to wipe out acne-causing bacteria and prevent breakouts from occurring. Whether you are looking for a mask that also doubles up as an exfoliant, spot treatment or even overnight SOS, here are the best purifying masks to combat oily skin and enlarged pores at all price points: