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Take 5 and sit back with these rinse-off face masks. They do much more than hydrate your skin like the all-time Singaporean woman fave sheet masks, as they boast extra exfoliating properties that smooth your skin and give you more radiance.

Don’t get us wrong, we love sheet masks, but sometimes we do need a little more than just hydration, hydration, hydration. Most women in Singapore actually have oily or combination skin types. And that’s where these exfoliating masks come in.

These hardworking at-home facial treatments do double or even triple duty as they boast exfoliating ingredients from natural grainy bits for manual buffing, to gentle fruit acids that melt away dead skin. Then after clearing away the dull dead skin, the other nutrient-rich ingredients in the formulas can come in to deeply nourish, moisturise and revitalise skin. That’s why they are essentially like a facial treatments in a jar.

Here are the best 8 exfoliating masks to try:



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