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With a career spanning over 30 years in the entertainment industry, Zoe Tay attributes her enviable complexion to beauty education from makeup artists and models she’s met.

Their tips and tricks helped her combat acne in her 20s and led to her becoming one of Singapore’s most notable faces and the ambassador of L’Oreal Paris’ Age Perfect skincare range back in 2017.

In celebration of her birthday, we round up the timeless beauty’s top tips for looking picture perfect, always.   


1: Get enough beauty sleep

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Beauty sleep isn’t something dreamed by people who wanted to spend more time in bed. There are several studies telling us that a good night’s sleep is key to repairing, regenerating and restructuring the skin. And it’s also one of Zoe Tay’s secrets to healthy, youthful looking skin.

She revealed to Her World in 2017 that after a long day of filming, she tries to get as much sleep as possible, explaining that “sleep is very important for us (actors and actresses)”.


2: Hydrate yourself adequately

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We all know that drinking 8 glasses of water is good for us as it provides the body with sufficient fluids for optimum bodily functions and promotes elimination of toxins through urination. And it also helps plump our skin for smaller-looking pores.

Zoe Tay does this by drinking hot water with wolf berries, which also help boost immunity and and provides the body with a dose of antioxidants. 


3: Sun protection is key

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Dermatologists and aestheticians alike have emphasised the importance of using sunscreen everyday and Zoe Tay agrees. No wonder sunblock is at the top of her list of must-have skincare products.

“Sunblock is very important since we are living in Singapore. There are UV rays present even under indoor lightings, so sunblock is the most important to me,” she explains.


4: Don’t forget sunglasses

Photo: Instagram/ zoetay10

It’s often said that eyes are windows to the souls, and using it to convey emotions is the mark of a great actor. Which is why Zoe Tay always wears a pair of chic sunglasses when she’s out and about to reduce the strain on the eyes.

For optimal sun protection, you should get a  pair that’s large enough to wrap around your eye area to minimise any direct sun exposure to your eyes and the skin around your eyes. 


5: Give your skin a boost with beauty ampoules

Similar to serums, beauty ampoules are concentrated skincare solutions that target various skin concerns such as hydration, line-smoothing and firming.

To give her skin an intense boost of nutrients, Zoe Tay counts on The History of Whoo’s Hwan Yu Signature Ampoule, $1,288 for 40ml. Packed with revitalising oriental herbs, this luxurious ampoule rejuvenates cellular functions for healthier, brighter and firmer skin. 


6: Prep skin with sheet masks

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Sheets masks are a great a way to pamper yourself and nourish your skin. Saturated in skincare essences, these skin treats are a great way to give your skin a surge of moisture to instantly plump and smooth skin surface so makeup application goes on better and more seamlessly. No wonder Zoe Tay also loves masking her way to more beautiful skin! 


7: Thorough skin cleansing is key

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Having entered the entertainment industry in her 20s with little to no knowledge on skincare, the daily routine of makeup for filming took its toll on Tay’s skin. Before long, she found herself dealing with acne.

Thankfully, with the help of industry experts and beauty gurus, she started on a proper routine and have benefited immensely from the knowledge she’s gained through makeup artists and fellow actresses.