Here’s the thing: Never judge a product by its packaging. Your beautiful and seemingly delicate frosted flacon of Facial Treatment Essence is in fact a potent powerhouse that will stand your skin in good stead, even in the most extreme and unforgiving of climates – sweltering Singapore included.

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Let’s double back and get reacquainted with this stalwart cornerstone of SK-II’s skincare suite, shall we. Any beauty buff worth her salt will doubtless have heard of the Essence and its key ingredient Pitera, but what exactly is this ‘miracle broth’ truly made of? For starters, Pitera has a storied history; it was first discovered by researchers more than 35 years ago, where its utterly unique blend of amino acids, vitamins, organic acids and minerals have been found to aid in softening and soothing the skin for a crystal clear complexion.

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And besides fortifying your face against fine lines and age-related spots, Pitera’s blend of over 50 micro-nutrients are also said to be able to condition your skin to be better able to fend off the scourge of environmental aggressors like the sun, smog and everything in between.

Indeed, it is Pitera’s acclaimed ability to buffer your skin against both extremely hot and extremely cold conditions that makes the Essence so well, essential for its loyal group of users.

The takeaway? Your bottle of Facial Treatment Essence should be a fundamental facet of your regime, no matter the environment. This is hammered home by a series of four incredibly evocative short films starring an eclectic and diverse squad of SK-II’s celebrity endorsers: Kasumi Arimura, award winning Japanese actress; Chiara Ferragni, global fashion icon; Nini, celebrated Chinese actress; and Lee Siyoung, top South Korean actress and national boxer.

The National Geographic tie-up follows this dream team’s sojourn across some of the world’s most punishing and jaw-droppingly beautiful (not to mention Instagrammable) locales, from the verdant vistas of the Yanbaru jungle in Okinawa, Japan to the parched plains of the Anza Borrego Desert in America.

The latter is explored by style savant Chiara Ferragni, who manages to make clambering amongst sunbaked rocks seem effortlessly elegant – if you set aside the dehydration, dizziness and dry heat, of course. Watch her recounting of the extreme expedition here, and gain a newfound appreciation of your Facial Treatment Essence as a bona fide all-weather friend.

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