Dry skin is a common issue that affects many women and it is no different for social media content creator Christabel Chua.

The 27-year-old, who is better known by her Instagram handle as @bellywellyjelly, is a frequent traveller. She jetsets as often as once a month and each overseas trip can be as long as 5-8 days.

But each time she returns, she faces skin troubles.

Her skin gets really parched and would be flaky, especially after cleansing.

So what does she do for quick skin SOS to get back radiant skin? Christabel does two things: moisturise heavily and mask on alternate days.

“Hydration is a big thing for me. I mask every other day and make sure I moisturise heavily daily,” she says.

And to do that effectively, she uses the Su:m37° Water-full Radiant Hydrating Glow Sheet Mask for instant hydration.

The mask is part of the Korean beauty cult brand’s new range of five key products that offer intense hydration and whitening effects with its trademark ingredients – Aqua Ferm (for intense hydration), Aqua Light (for brightening) and Poria Light (for plumping effect and more radiant complexion).

Another star product that helps Christabel with hydration is the Su:m37° Water-full Radiant Hydrating Glow Cream. It is a brightening cream which combines both hydrating and brightening functions into one.

What a time-saver and a skin saviour.