Taking good care of our skin is a lifetime commitment and sad to say, achieving a flawless complexion (without the help of makeup) doesn’t just happen overnight.

Our advice? Add these skin-loving fruits and food to your diet, don’t get too stressed out at work, get enough sleep and stick by the tips below from our makeup artist friends.  

Peter Khor


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1) Do not…sleep with your makeup on. We should always cleanse and moisturise your face before bedtime; it’s essential to keeping your skin clean and fresh.


2) Do not…bite off chapped skin on your lips. This is a big no-no! Not only will this action hurt your lips, it’ll make them look unpleasant too. Instead, use a lip scrub weekly to clean off dry skin and always carry a lip balm or oil to apply onto your puckers when they feel dry.


Larry Yeo


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3) Do not…layer too much foundation on your skin. It’s important for your skin to be able to breathe and bear in mind that since the weather here in Singapore is always hot and humid, our makeup is more susceptible to wearing off during the day.


4) Do not…forget to wash your makeup brushes. Remember to cleanse them every three or four days because if you don’t, you’ll risk having them become hotbeds of germs and bacteria. The solution? Simply wash them with a normal facial wash or shampoo and leave them to dry.


Christine Lim


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5) Do not…wait for months before replacing your bedsheets and pillow cases. Not only will this cause bacteria build ups, it’ll also invite germs and dust mites to be your bedtime companions. As a result, skin irritations, breakouts and rashes become more common.


6) Do not…use expired beauty products. This one’s pretty obvious; once the items have passed their shelf lives, it’s best to avoid using them. Most beauty products last from two to three years from their manufacturing dates so remember to look out for such details at the back of the packaging when you’re out shopping.