We love our K-beauty routine as much as the next person, but we’ll admit that sometimes, doing the whole 12-step shebang can take a little much out of our busy lives. Yes, we skip a step or two once in awhile, we’re not perfect.

That’s why we’re absolutely loving Laneige’s new Fresh Calming line that takes us back to simpler days – without the tradeoff for clear and dewy skin.

Instead of having to make time for that 10- to 14-step routine, you’ll get to sleep in (and head to bed earlier) while reaping the visible results of your usual beauty regime.

Launched in June, the Fresh Calming range features four products that will cover all your skincare essentials: A serum, a toner, a gel cleanser and a morning mask. Told you, it’s the ultimate lifesaver (or, well, skin-saver) of the busy girl.

Just what about the range makes it so effective, we hear you sceptics ask? The products are infused with two key ingredients that your skin will thank you for.

The first

Antioxidant-rich litchi extracts from lychee peel, which protect your skin from pesky free radicals that are ever-present in our city life.

The second

Deep sea water, an ingredient that doesn’t just hydrate your skin, or strengthen your skin barrier, but helps to moderate your sebum production to fit your skin needs. That means saying goodbye to excessive production of oil on your problem areas. Combination girls, we’re looking at you!

It therefore comes as a no-brainer as to why the flawless Lee Sung Kyung includes the Fresh Calming Toner in her routine.

The toner promises to moisturise and soften your skin, making it prime to absorb all that good stuff in the serum that will follow this quick step.


Of course, toning comes after you cleanse your face with the Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser that promises to gently rid your skin off debris without stripping it of its natural oils.


And once your skin is ready for some extra lovin’, apply a generous amount of the Fresh Calming Serum that will balance out your skin, keeping it well hydrated throughout the day (or night), even through an air-conditioned room or the city’s pollution.


As for the morning mask, well. Don’t let the name fool you. Your morning routine will not consist of an additional 15 minutes spent waiting for the Fresh Calming Morning Mask to dry, no.

Instead, think of the product as a shield that keeps your skin looking smooth and radiant all day. Plus, the product contains skin-plumping ingredient panthenol which translates into supple and bouncy skin to top off your youthful appearance.

And as a little cherry on top, the Fresh Calming Morning Mask acts as the perfect base to your makeup. You know what that means, right? More time saved in your morning routine! We told you this range was an essential.

Of course, remember to finish your routine off with a generous application of SPF to keep your skin protected from the harsh rays.

Bonus: All four products are “4-free”, so your skin gets only the good stuff. But what is “4-free”, exactly?

It just means that all the products don’t contain any synthetic pigments or animal ingredients. On top of that, the formulas of the Fresh Calming Toner and Fresh Calming Serum are free of oil and allergy-inducing triethanolamine, while the Fresh Calming Morning Mask has no mineral oil or triethanolamine.

And your skin won’t be irritated by any mineral oil or sulfate surfactant when you use the Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser in your daily routine.

So if you’ve been too busy to maintain a religious beauty regime, then our fellow busy girls, we’ve got your answer right here. You’re welcome!