new anti-ageing moisturisers for youthful-looking skin

Photo: 123rf

Every skincare junkie knows that moisturisers make up one-third of the must-have beauty trio for good skin, which includes cleansers and sunscreens. These three products are absolutely non-negotiable when it comes to getting a good complexion.

Why? It’s because your skin is an organ that, like any other organ in your body, needs water to stay healthy. And anti-ageing moisturisers not only hydrate, smooth and plump up your complexion, they also strengthen your skin’s protective barrier against external aggressors.

The beauty industry knows how important these creamy little miracles in a bottle are, and are always coming up with better formulations to nourish and treat your skin.

With the plethora of new moisturisers coming out every month, it can be hard to sift through them all and discern the great from the good. To help you along, we’ve put together a curated list of the best new anti-ageing moisturisers to check out.

What do we love about them? These awesome anti-ageing moisturisers get absorbed right into skin without leaving a sticky residue and immediately relieve any feelings of dryness and tightness. Your complexion feels soft, supple and comforted.

On top of that, the products are made with all sorts of skin-loving and anti-ageing goodies to leave your face looking and feeling fresher and younger. Read on – and  please don’t blame us if you end up getting them all, because they are that great.