Albion skin conditioner

Albion Skin Conditioner, $86 (165ml), $147 (330ml)

WHAT Made with Job’s Tears extract, this toner is said to regulate cellular metabolism for healthy skin functions. Suitable for all skin types, it helps to soothe any skin inflammation, eliminate free radicals that disrupts skin functions, and inhibit melanin production for supple, glowing skin.

VERDICT “My patchy, red-at-random-areas skin turned even-toned after I used this. It makes my skin feel more hydrated and my serum gets absorbed readily. I like how its lightweight texture made my skin feel refreshed, smooth and soft. The pleasant scent made it such a joy to use, and I actually look forward to using it every day. What I didn’t like about this product was how quickly I was finishing the bottle – I just want to cover my entire body with this amazing product (laughs).” – Simone Wu, beauty editor at Simply Her magazine