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There are a bewildering assortment of hair lotions, creams, oils, serums and more jostling for our attention – frankly, the variety can be incredibly intimidating for the layperson.
We asked Addy to help demystify hair oils and serums and tell us what makes Dove’s Serum-in-Oil his top pick. Get ready to take notes, beauty students!

What makes the Dove Serum-in-Oil such a great product?
The product is easily absorbed without leaving any residue on your hands. The serum-in-oil also makes hair feel incredibly soft and light, which is a sign that the product contains a higher concentration of natural oils compared to other products that tend to have a higher silicone content. Lastly, the fact that it doesn’t leave your hair greasy is even more important in a climate as hot and humid as Singapore’s.


What hair types would you recommend the Serum-in-Oil for?
It works on anything from virgin hair to over-processed bleached hair. Think of it as using SPF for your skin. A product like Serum-in-Oil is going to protect your hair from external aggressors.


Would you say the product works well on all hair types?
Definitely! I passed it to 20 hairstylists and have tried it on a number of celebs. They were all surprised that a drugstore brand has been able to achieve the desired effect of smooth and healthy hair. I tried it out with a sleek ponytail on a celeb for an event without any other styling products, and the hairstyle stayed perfectly in place throughout the night, shine and all.


Let’s bust some myths now, shall we? Would you say there are “wrong” ways to use a hair serum or oil?
You don’t want to apply it to your hair by rubbing the sections of hair between your palms. Many people think this helps your hair absorb the product better but it’s quite bad for your hair because it creates more friction that can damage your hair and open up the cuticles. It just leaves you with frizzy looking hair that’s harder to tame.


Could you share your tips on how best to use the Dove Serum-in-Oil?
You start by dispensing just one pump product, rubbing it between your hands until it’s warm. This ensures you distribute the serum-in-oil evenly, and the warmth helps with absorption.
You want to apply it starting with the ends of your hair (where the most damage tends to be) in a downwards raking motion and work your way upwards to the midsection of your hair. Make sure that one pump is completely absorbed before dispensing more product, or you risk ending up with greasy hair.

A tip that does wonders is to have a bottle of it in the fridge (at 5 degrees Celsius) that you can apply to damp hair right out of the shower, which helps seal your cuticles and lock in any nutrients. Another room-temperature bottle is best for taming your hair just before you walk out the door.

What makes the Serum-in-Oil so unique is that it provides the best of both worlds. The serum acts on the surface damage and simultaneously provides a protective coating against external damage, while the oil penetrates deeper into the hair shaft to provide intense nourishment from the inside.


It’s the hero product of Dove’s Regenerate Nourishment range that utilises the unique moisture-retention properties of an extract of a unique marine red algae. You get a dual-action formula that promises to renew and regenerate your hair by re-building it from the inside and out.

Dove’s Regenerate Nourishment Serum-in-Oil ($17.90 for 50ml) is available in Guardian and Watsons stores.
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