#1 Home Peel
A face peel gets rid of dead skin, giving you clearer, brighter and more even-toned skin. A facial scrub does the same job, but unlike a peel, a scrub may not cover your face as evenly, and the micro particles in it could end up scratching your skin.

Aside from peels, you can also opt for serums that have skin-renewing properties like For Beloved One Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum, $95. To be used once to thrice weekly, this will leave you with clearer skin the morning after.


#2 Navy Eyeliner
A dark blue eyeliner makes the whites of your eyes look crystal clear and whiter. Makeup artist Larry Yeo says: “Look for one that is dark enough to look like a soft black, such as Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Indigo, $28.”


#3 Plum Eyeliner
If you have very dark under-eye circles, use a plum-coloured eyeliner to softly define your eyes and brighten the eye area. Try: Tarte Claypot Waterproof Liner in Blackened Plum, $30.


#4 Warm-toned Eyeshadow
Go for bronze, copper and brown on your eyelids. “These neutral hues refresh your skin tone, and take away the greyness from your eyelids,” says Larry.

Skip matte eyeshadow and pick one that adds a pretty sheen to your skin. Larry recommends Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color in Twilight, $34, which is super blendable and foolproof to use.


#5 Shimmering Cream Eyeshadow
Powder eyeshadow can make your skin look chalky and dry. A cream one makes your skin appear instantly more moisturised and smoother; it also defines your eye contours better. Try: Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in PK224 Mousseline, $32. It adds a warm, pink glow with just the right amount of champagne shimmer pigments to brighten up your eyes without looking getai-like.

#6 Lengthening Mascara
As you age, your eyelashes get thinner and sometimes fall out. Put aside the volumising mascara and go for a lengthening one instead – volumising mascara weighs down your lashes while a lengthening one doesn’t, yet still leaves you with longer, plumped up lashes.  

#7 Eyeshadow Base
While an eyeshadow makeup base is meant to help your eye makeup stay put, it also doubles as a wrinkle filler, to smooth fine lines.


#8 Cream Blusher
Youthful skin looks rosy and luminous. Instead of using a brighter colour on your cheeks, opt for a cream-based, rose-hued blusher.

Try: Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in Mystic, $34 – the brownish-rose shade is suitable for most skin tones and makes you look like you are glowing from within.


#9 Foot Scrub
Rough skin paired with dry, cracked heels are not the picture of youth. No time to get a pedicure? Use a foot scrub in the shower. Better yet, try the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation Set (price unavailable).

It comes with a foot-cleansing device called Pedi Device, a buffing brush attachment, a skin-smoothing disc, Pedi-buff to scrub your feet, Pedi-balm that moisturises with shea butter, honey and apricot oil, and Pedi-boost to loosen the dead skin on your feet.


This article was first published in Simply Her January 2016.