#1 Less is best
When concealing dark under-eye circles and uneven skin tone at the eye corners, start with a thin layer and gradually add more, if needed.

Using too much concealer will emphasise the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

#2 Use a makeup brush, not your fingers
Your finger tends to swipe off the concealer even as you dab it on your skin, which means you may end up using more than you need.

A makeup brush nicks that problem, says makeup artist Larry Yeo.

#3 Always apply foundation before concealer
A liquid foundation will lightly conceal dark circles. If the dark circles are still visible, you can then apply concealer over them, says Larry.

#4 Use cleansing oils
Rubbing your eyes damages capillaries, intensifying the look of your dark circles. Cleansing oils dissolve makeup with the least amount of rubbing.

#5 Colours matter
Use peach-toned concealers to neutralise dark circles that appear bluish-greenish-grey, and yellow-toned ones to neutralise any skin redness.

#6 Skip concealer
If your under-eye dark circles look discoloured, you can skip the concealer and use only your foundation, says Larry.

However, if your skin discolouration is quite severe, you may want to layer on peach-toned concealer after foundation.