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Not to be mistaken for a toner or serum, an essence is essentially (see what we did there?) the foundation of any skincare routine.

The essence comes after your toner in your skincare regime and is designed to not only deliver an intense moisture boost but also help with the skin regeneration process – both of which help to prep your skin to better absorb the rest of your skincare products.

Instead of using a cotton pad like you would with a toner, we recommend placing a few drops or dime-sized blob of product into your palm, before warming the product up between your hands and patting in into your skin to work the product into your skin.

If you want to achieve that flawless glass like skin (read this for expert tips to get the look), here are some essences that will help you to address your skin concerns and get that dewy “chok-chok”( Korean for moist or damp) glow.


Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence ($108)

This lightweight essence is fortified with Kombucha, a fermented sweet black tea that not only enhances the natural radiance of your skin but also combats pollution and signs of skin aging like fine lines and wrinkles. When this essence was trailled, 97 per cent of the participants reported that their skin was healthier looking and 100 per cent of the participants noted an improvement in their skin texture.


Blithe Vital Treatment 5 Energy Roots ($52)

Infused with potent ingredients like red panax ginseng, grandiflorum root extract, lanceolata root extract, Indian lotus leaf extract and greater burdock root extract, this essence will help to reduce the appearance of imperfections. This fragrance free essence also does a great job in brightening and evening out your complexion without irritating the skin.


Mamonde First Energy Essence ($42)

Don’t let its affordable price point fool you into thinking it wouldn’t be as effective as its pricier counterparts, this essence that is made with honeysuckle flower and fermented vinegar has received glowing reviews online for its ability to firm and define the face.


Laneige Clear C Advance Effector ($56)

For the ultimate in skincare convenience, this essence comes with a pump that makes it easier to dispense. Containing anti-oxidising ingredients like acerola cherry and acai berries extracts, this essence is ideal for giving dull skin a new lease of life because it prevents your skin from oxidising. If you face the problem of your foundation oxidising (a process that can cause your foundation to turn a shade or two darker over the course of the day when it comes into contact with oxygen), apply this essence as a base before putting on your makeup to stop your foundation from oxidising.


SK-II Treatment Essence ($269)

This list will not be complete without this cult classic that has been around for more than 40 years. Regardless of whether you gave dry skin or oily skin, this Pitera-rich product does it all – it hydrates, reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps to speed up the cell turnover rate.