#1 Preservatives can increase skin sensitivity

According to studies by the Fancl Research Institute and Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, methyl paraben, one of the most common preservatives in skincare, can cause your skin to age more rapidly than normal. Constant exposure to it increases skin sensitivity, and hinders cell renewal and repair.  


#2 Preservatives weaken the skin barrier

Preservatives could compromise your skin’s barrier function, affecting your skin renewal cycle. When that happens, skin cells cannot regenerate properly and your skin’s protective layer becomes made up with damaged cells. This makes the skin less able to defend itself against external aggressors such as UV rays, pollution and friction, explains Candy Chan, head of communications, product research and development at Fancl.


#3 Preservatives contribute to sagging skin and wrinkles

Methyl paraben causes the skin to lose elasticity as well as firmness as it affects the production of collagen, and damages cells at the DNA level.


#4 Preservatives cause inflammation in the skin

Preservative-laden skincare products can cause inflammation in the skin, which leads to increased melanin production, and could inadvertently cause more pigmentation. Fancl Research Institute experts say that because the effects accumulate and manifest over time, they may not be immediately apparent on your skin.


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Focus On Freshness

If you’re worried that this no-preservative approach will compromise the freshness of your skincare, you can rest easy.

All Fancl products are produced in a 100 per cent closed plant production system factory that meets stringent pharmaceutical standards of cleanliness.

This minimises contamination and ensures optimal freshness. You’ll find, too, that Fancl products not only have expiry dates, but manufacturing dates as well, so you know exactly when your cleansing oil or moisturising lotion was produced.

High-quality seals ensure ingredients remain fresh and have not oxidised. And all products are designed to dispense the exact amount of product you need, so the product isn’t tainted by skin contact or air exposure.

Right-sizing Your Skincare

If you love travel-size bottles, you’ll appreciate Fancl’s clever packaging. Candy shares that its small, handier bottles are not merely designed for convenience, but created to last and keep fresh for an optimal period of 60 days after they’ve been opened as well.

While many other brands usually have a three-year shelf life, regardless of when they were opened, Fancl believes that different products have varying freshness periods and expiry dates that are determined by product stability and antibacterial properties.

For instance, products with antibacterial ingredients tend to last longer, and their freshness period is marked clearly on all Fancl bottles. “Many products, including those from Fancl, contain active ingredients with a golden period of 60 to 75 days. This is when you will experience optimal efficacy,” explains Candy.

“Beyond this period of freshness, many users notice that their skincare doesn’t work as well after a few months as the active ingredients have simply lost their efficacy,” explains Candy.

To keep your skin in optimal health, it may be time to rethink your beauty philosophy, read ingredient lists more carefully, and clear out products with too many junk ingredients that could compromise your skin’s barrier function and accelerate visible signs of ageing.