1. Wash your hair twice a day for shiny hair
Shiny hair is a sign of good hair health and healthy hair starts at the scalp. For a strong, healthy scalp, we should wash our hair twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, before bedtime, says Sam Chok, Chez Vous’s associate salon director.

Impurities like dead cells and sebum accumulate at the scalp when we sleep, congesting the hair follicles if they are not washed off.

In the day, your scalp is exposed to dirt, sweat, bacteria and humidity, and if you use hair styling products, it is important to wash them out to avoid product accumulation at the hair follicles, which leads to thinning hair.

2. Use a hair mask every day
According to Jean-Claude Barbotte-Goralski, international education manager for French hair care brand, Phyto, you can use a hair mask every day as long as it is suitable for your hair type.

Using a mask that is too rich will leave your hair flat. To avoid product overload, you should apply a small amount of hair mask from mid-length to the ends of your hair.

3. Use lukewarm and cold water
When shampooing, you can use lukewarm water to massage and rinse your scalp. Shawn Lee, category head of the Total Haircare Category at Unilever says: “This opens the pores on the scalp for a deeper cleanse, and opens up the hair cuticles, allowing nutrients from the conditioner to be absorbed.”

When using conditioner or a hair mask, you should rinse with cold water as it helps to close the hair cuticles, locking in the nutrients from the conditioning treatments.

It is best to skip warm and hot water as the heat will temporarily enlarge hair follicles, stimulating oil production.

4. Fight hair loss at night
“The production of the hormone that causes hair loss starts to increase from 7pm to 8am, so this is the best time to apply anti-hair loss products,” says Janice Chua, business development consultant for Prime Group Asia, a company that brings top Japanese and Korean hair care brands like Mucota and Daeng Gi Meo Ri to Singapore.