#1 Curl Your Eyelashes 
You can’t make under-eye dark circles disappear but you can jolly well draw attention away from this dull feature.

Simply curl your eyelashes! Curled up eyelashes make your eyes appear more opened up and bigger.

Add mascara to further define your lashes. If your lashes are short and “un-curl-able”, you may consider getting eyelash extensions.

This way, you can wake up with gorgeous eyelashes every day, and nobody’s going to notice your dark circles anymore.

Expect questions like: “Where did you get your lashes done, huh? So pretty!” 

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#2 Use Shimmer Eyeshadow
Under-eye dark circles make your skin look dull and your eyes appear tired. So what you need to do is to brighten up the eye area. You can use a shimmery eyeshadow over your eyelids.

Pick a cream-based one as it would be easier to blend. Use your finger to smudge it over your inner eye corners.

To look like you look naturally bright-eyed, you may try neutral shades in beiges and browns – preferably a shade lighter or darker than your skin tone.

This would also hide blending mistakes if any. Then, finish with a black eyeliner to define your eyes. (If you have time, we recommend you do #1 as well.)

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See also: Our honest road test on cream eyeshadow sticks.


#3 Make Your Lips Bold and Pretty 
When you are talking to someone, you usually look at two facial features: their eyes and lips, because the lips are moving.

If you are too tired to curl your lashes and/or to use eyeshadow, just slip on a bright lipstick.

Choose a lippie that gives you a glossy or shimmery finish. Matte finish may make your lips look drier.

(Another problem! No, thanks!)

Now, people around you would be too busy looking at your lovely pout (“Smile!”) to notice your tired eyes. 

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