Skin Perfection

It’s easy to be overwhelmed and confused by the sheer mass of products promising to make one look younger in the stores. However, what your skin really requires is very simple. It only needs to be thoroughly cleansed, balanced and nourished.

Made and researched by dermatologists in France, Science On Skin (SOS) offers powerful skincare solutions that provide multiple benefits, and deliver prompt, visible results for clear, glowing skin.

What’s more, SOS’s skincare boasts a much higher concentration of active ingredients to treat, rejuvenate and protect skin from free radical damage, so there’s no need for layers of lotions, serums and creams that only mask your skin with filler ingredients.


An Essential Clense


The most important step in your skincare regime is the first step: Cleansing. It’s highly important to remove debris and makeup from your face so that skincare products that follow can penetrate effectively into your skin.

SOS Cleanse+ ($19.90) is a dualaction gel cleanser formulated with antiseptic and astringent properties. It gently and effectively removes makeup, gets rid of dead skin cells and purifies clogged pores. Suitable for all skin types, it balances the skin’s pH level, strengthens its barrier function so it can retain hydration, and preps it to better absorb subsequent skincare.



For Clear, Balanced SkinTo help your skin stay clear, calm and bright, treat it to the SOS Acne+ ($49.90). Not just for acne-prone skin, this lightweight serum helps soothe and purify the skin while keeping breakouts, oiliness and clogged pores at bay.

Packaged in a dual-chamber dispenser, one pump delivers a pore-clearing essence combined with a sebum control gel to counter all types of acne, from teenage hormonal pimples to adult breakouts triggered by lifestyle or environmental factors.

Its active ingredients include zinc PCA, which moisturises and controls excess oil, vitamins B3 and C, and provitamin B5 to fight signs of premature ageing, and iris and liquorice extracts that are said to soothe, calm and prevent redness while lightening scars and evening out your skin tone.



Finally, take your complexion to the next level with SOS Multivitamins+ ($69.90) that also comes in a dual-chamber dispenser to preserve the purity and potency of a super concentrated cocktail of antioxidants, stem cells, peptides and botanical extracts said to target the signs of premature ageing for a firm, glowing and luminous visage.

Nourish and Fortify SkinThis time-saving, multi-benefit serum is infused with vitamins A, C and E, which are said to increase collagen production and slow the normal breakdown of existing collagen, so the skin is taut and youthful.

Then there is arbutin, known to inhibit melanin formation, and hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5 to hydrate and lock in moisture, keeping the skin soft and silky.

Using this product every night is said to result in the reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as a brighter complexion with minimised dark spots.



Treat your skin to these do-it-all skincare products by Science On Skin. Enjoy a 10 per cent introductory discount at selected Watsons stores from now until October 5, 2016.