You are what you eat

Chinese actress and SK-II ambassador Tang Wei makes healthy herbal Chinese broths a regular part if her diet, no matter how busy she is.

“It helps your skin when you eat nourishing meals that you enjoy,” she says.

(PHOTO: Instagram tangwei_fans)


Eat healthily to combat stress
Consuming fruits can reduce stress. Korean actress and SK-II ambassador Lim Soo Jung swears by fresh fruits and vegetables, and traditional Korean dishes. She also avoids instant foods.

To help her combat stress, she takes ballet lessons. 

(PHOTO: Instagram laisance_)


Move your body
You don’t have to spend a cent to improve sleep, strengthen your immune system, boost self-esteem and reduce stress – just exercise regularly.

Actress and SK-II ambassador Lee Yeon Hee makes a point to work out either by yoga or swimming.

(PHOTO: Instagram choi_eternity)


This article was adapted from Simply Her October 2013.